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The Confidential’s Fantasy Football game is structured to allow late entries.  THERE IS STILL TIME TO ENTER AND WIN!  We don’t go by total points for the whole season; rather, we just allow teams to win the week or not.  Whoever wins the most weeks, wins the overall prize.   Also, for points-centric folks, we are running a contest for most points from Week 1 to Week 4 (and will probably run similar contests throughout the season).  For Week 2 results, see here.  For rules, see here.  As a reminder, to enter, simply comment below with an ACC QB, RB, WR, Flex, Defense, and Coach.  We’ll do the rest.

Get the entries in by 12:00 pm EST Saturday, September 13, 2014.  GO ACC!

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  1. QB-W.Gardner for UL
    RB-J.Conner for Pitt
    WR-J. Crowder for Duke
    Flex-Duke Johnson for UM
    Def-Notre Dame
    Coach-P. Johnson for GT

    (GT plays Georgia Southern, and Georgia Southern as of this season is an FBS school. If you guys do not view them for this contest as FBS, let me know and I will change my pick for coach.)

  2. Josh Vickery on said:

    QB – Jacoby Brissett – NC ST
    RB – James Conner – Pitt
    WR – Jamison Crowder – Duke
    Flex – Darius Jennings – UVA
    Def – Pittsburgh
    Coach – Beamer – VT

  3. Ok, let’s give it a shot…
    QB-Jacoby Brissett – NCSU
    RB – James Conner – Pitt
    WR – Jamison Crowder – Duke
    Flex – Bo Hines – NCSU
    Coach – Bobby Petrino – Louisville

  4. QB – Michael Brewer- Virginia Tech
    RB – James Conner – Pitt
    WR – Jamison Crowder- Duke
    Flex – Duke Johnson- Miami
    DEF – Virginia Tech
    Coach – Petrino- Louisville

  5. QB Golston ND
    RB D Johnson Miami
    WR T Boyd Pitt
    Flex J Crowder Duke
    Def Virginia Tech
    Coach B Patrino Louisville

  6. QB Golston ND
    RB D Johnson Miami
    WR J Crowder Duke
    Flex E Rodgers Lou
    Def Viriginia Tech
    Coach Paul Johnson GT

  7. QB Golston, ND
    RB Conner, Pitt
    WR Crowder, Duke
    Flex Duke Johnson, MIA
    Def Virginia Tech
    Coach Addazio, BC

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  9. QB- Hunt (SU)
    RB- Conner (Pitt)
    WR – Crowder (Duke)
    Flex – Dorsett (UM)
    Def – Georgia Tech
    Coach – Addazio (BC)

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