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The Confidential’s ACC Standings Poll: Week 4

As we enter Week 4, things are really starting to…get more confusing?  What happened to the clarity?  In any event, the Confidential correspondents are as clueless as anyone else as to how to rank these ACC teams.  I kid, of course.  Nevertheless, Georgia Tech (3-0), UNC (2-0), NC State (3-0), and Syracuse (2-0) are not ranked in the top 10.  Meanwhile, four one-loss teams are ranked.  How often does that happen?  Anyway, here we go:

10.Miami (2-1), 9 points.  The Hurricanes are 2-1, but losing to a Louisville team that lost to Virginia is not helping the cause.  Maybe Virginia the turn-around story of the ACC this year.  If not, then Louisville and Miami are suspect.  Next up: @ Nebraska.

9. Virginia (2-1), 14 points.  Virginia beat Louisville, but the Confidential voters seem to have more faith in the Cardinals.  This is odd, as Virginia has the Coastal path and Louisville still has Clemson, FSU, and Louisville, as well as undefeated Syracuse and NC State, as well as USC-beating Boston College.  Wake Forest is nice though.  But why are we talking about Louisville here?  Virginia’s defense is looking quite dominant, which is not surprising given that there is ample talent in region and Mike London is a good recruiter.  Before dismissing the Cavaliers, keep that in mind.  However, Virginia’s schedule is daunting, as they head to Provo to face undefeated BYI.  Next up: @ BYU.

8. Boston College (2-1), 14.5 points.  Boston College looked great against UMass, terrible against Pitt, and great against USC.  This week they host Maine.  If they look terrible against Maine, that will be a big setback.  Don’t expect it.  Addazio is the real deal and has that program on solid footing.  Next up: Maine.

7. Virginia Tech (2-1), 15 points.  The Hokies went from playoff contender to likely playoff pretender in the snap of a finger.  East Carolina is good.  But not THAT good.  If Michigan State is out of the running for losing to Oregon, the Hokies need to be worried.  Very disappointing for its fans and the conference as a whole.  Undefeated, but underwhelming, Georgia Tech is next.  Next up: Georgia Tech.

6. Louisville (2-1), 22 points.  The Cardinals were stunned by Virginia.  Maybe the Cavs are good, as noted above.  Or maybe the Cardinals having growing pains in a rebuilding year with a new coach.  Needless to say, the ACC schedule is a much more challenging gauntlet than what the returning players faced last year.  A trip to Florida International, who gave Pitt a bit of a scare for a while, looms.  Next up: @ Florida International.

5. Pittsburgh (3-0), 36 points.  Early on Saturday, one might have expected the Panthers–trailing to Florida International 16-0–to be off this list altogether.  Instead, the team rallied around a more sure-handed James Conner and took care of business.  Then, BC showed that it could hang with the USC’s of the world, making that victory look even better.  And all of the sudden Pitt finds itself in the ACC top 5.  Nice.  Next up: Iowa.

4. Clemson (1-1), 39 points.  Clemson looked a bit overmatched against Georgia.  Georgia lost to South Carolina.  Clemson plays South Carolina later in the year, and has not fared well against the Gamecocks of late.  Not hard to find a second loss for a Clemson team that can only make the playoffs with one loss.  And if that was not enough, they travel to Florida State this week.  A much better Tigers team was obliterated at home by Florida State last year.  Next up: @ Florida State.

3. Duke (3-0), 46 points.  It is becoming easier to believe in Duke.  Kansas is not a difficult opponent these days, but it is good enough to pull an upset.  Duke avoided same and then some.  And they did it with a subpar performance from Crowder.  Next cupcake up: Tulane.

2. Notre Dame (3-0), 52 points, 1 first place vote.  The Fighting Irish received a first place vote, as one Confidential correspondent believes that the wins over Michigan, Purdue, and Rice are more impressive than Florida State’s win over Oklahoma State.  No matter what, if Notre Dame runs the table, they will be in the playoff.  Even a one-loss Notre Dame has a good case, given the schedule.  Next up: Bye.

1. Florida State (2-0), 60 points, 5 first place votes.  The Seminoles lost points, despite being idle.  So it goes.  They get Clemson this week.  The Seminoles not only need to win, they also need some style points.  So far, folks are not too impressed.  A lot of pundits are giving Oregon, Oklahoma, and the SEC teams a leg up on FSU.  Extra pressure, but it comes with the territory.  Next up: Clemson.

Others receiving votes: UNC 8 points, Syracuse 4.5 points, NC State 3 points.  Georgia Tech and Wake Forest did not receive any votes.

What do you think?  Did we hit/miss?

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