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Confidential Survivor Pool Update: Week 4

Three games into the double-elimination season, the 34 entrants remaining for last week were reduced further by two, knocking the entrants down to 32.  And three teams took on a strike with their Florida State and Boston College selections.  Only 25 teams have yet to suffer a first strike.

As we move on to Week 4, here is an interesting chart as to which teams have been used or not used:

Team Survivors Who Haven’t Picked This Team
1. Wake Forest (3-0) 13
2. Georgia Tech (3-0) 15
3. Syracuse (1-2) 18
4. No Carolina St. (2-1) 19
5. Boston College (1-2) 24
6. Duke (1-2) 25
7. North Carolina (2-1) 27
8. Miami Fla (3-0) 29
9. Florida St. (2-1) 30
10. Virginia (0-3) 30
11. Clemson (3-0) 30
12. Louisville (3-0) 30
13. Notre Dame (1-2) 31
14. Virginia Tech (2-1) 31
15. Pittsburgh (2-1) 32

Nobody has used Pitt yet.  In any event, good luck to everyone in Week 4!

ACC Fantasy Football: Week 4 Recap

Thanks to all those who continue to participate in our weekly fantasy football league!  It is a free game.  There is a prize on a season-long basis.  The rules are here.   Feel free to enter the season-long game.  But this post is about the results from Week 4.  So here we go:


QB: Motley, 29.6; RB: Dayes, 30.0; WR: Severin, 3.4; Flex: Powell, 24.4; Defense: FSU 0.0; Coach: Petrino 0; Bonus +5; Roster Changes -1; TOTAL = 91.4 pts


QB: Thomas 23.0; RB: Hood 7.5; WR: Barnes, 2.0; Flex: Dayes, 30.0; Defense: Louisville 34.0; Coach: Beamer 0; Bonus +5; Roster Changes -3; TOTAL = 98.5 pts


Presumed quit, no lineup changes for 2+ weeks.  0 points this week.  Will need to post a lineup to rejoin.


QB: Brissett 21.0; RB: Hood 7.5; WR: Fuller, 10.5; Flex: Severin 3.4; Defense: Louisville 34; Coach: PJohnson 0; Bonus +5; Roster Changes -2; TOTAL = 79.4 pts

Josh V

QB: Brissett 21.0; RB: Hood 7.5′; WR: Ford 10.5; Flex: Fuller 10.5; Defense: LVille 34.0; Coach: Johnson 0; Bonus +5; Roster Changes -3; TOTAL = 85.5 pts


QB: Williams 11.4; RB: Dayes 30.0; WR: Severin 3.4; Flex: Cook 0.0; Defense: Clemson 0; Coach: PJohnson 0; Bonus 5, Roster Changes 0; TOTAL = 49.8 pts


Presumed quit, no lineup changes for 2 weeks.  <20 points this week.  Will need to post a lineup to rejoin.


QB: Brissett 21.0 pts; RB: Hood 7.5; WR: Ford 10.5; Flex: Fuller 10.5; Defense: Louisville 34.0; Coach: Cutcliffe 15.0; Bonus +5; Roster Changes -4; TOTAL = 100.5 pts


QB: Sirk 20.9; RB: Hood, 7.5; WR: Fuller 10.5; Flex: Dayes 30.0; Defense: Louisville 34.0; Coach: Shafer 0; Bonus +5, Roster Changes -4, TOTAL = 103.9 pts


QB: Brissett 21.0; RB: Radcliffe 9.9; WR: Ford 10.5; Flex: Hood 7.5; Defense: BC 20; Coach: PJohnson 0; Bonus 5, Roster Changes -2, TOTAL = 71.9 pts


QB: Brissett 21.0; RB: Coleman 1.3; WR: Fuller 10.5; Flex: Severin 3.4;Defense: UNC 17; Coach: PJohnson 0; Bonus +5; Roster Changes -4; TOTAL = 54.2 pts

As always, this is done by hand so the potential for error is there.  It is final in 48 hours.

Continue for results/standings:

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(Still Time to Join!) Confidential Fantasy Football Game: Week 4 Entry Page

Even if you missed out on Weeks 1 through 3, the Confidential’s Fantasy Football Game is still joinable in Week 4.  Fortunately, there has been enough mediocrity to keep you in the mix.  But this is probably the last week.  As those who entered know, the game is free and simple… just pick your team.  See rules.  Here is the recap of Week 3 and the standings.  Looks like some familiar names at the top of the standings.

To enter, just comment with your entry for Week 4.

You are allowed one free roster change each week.  For each other change, there is a loss of one point in this week’s scoring…. a maximum of 5 point deduction.  At the same time, there is a potential 5 point bonus for having roster diversity.  If you want the same roster as last week, just do nothing.  If you want to change your roster or join anew, just comment below.



Good luck to all!

The Confidential’s ACC Standings Poll: Week 4

As we enter Week 4, things are really starting to…get more confusing?  What happened to the clarity?  In any event, the Confidential correspondents are as clueless as anyone else as to how to rank these ACC teams.  I kid, of course.  Nevertheless, Georgia Tech (3-0), UNC (2-0), NC State (3-0), and Syracuse (2-0) are not ranked in the top 10.  Meanwhile, four one-loss teams are ranked.  How often does that happen?  Anyway, here we go:

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The Confidential’s Fantasy Football game is structured to allow late entries.  THERE IS STILL TIME TO ENTER AND WIN!  We don’t go by total points for the whole season; rather, we just allow teams to win the week or not.  Whoever wins the most weeks, wins the overall prize.   Also, for points-centric folks, we are running a contest for most points from Week 1 to Week 4 (and will probably run similar contests throughout the season).  For Week 3 results, see here.  For rules, see here.  As a reminder, to enter, simply comment below with an ACC QB, RB, WR, Flex, Defense, and Coach.  We’ll do the rest.

Get the entries in by 12:00 pm EST Saturday, September 20, 2014.  GO ACC!

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