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ACC Fantasy Football Contest: 2015!

So, you think you know college football? Especially ACC football?  Prove it.


Anyone.  It costs $0.00, which fits into nearly every budget.  And there are a few prizes.


Hopefully, you are competitive and think you know ACC football.

Did we mention the free part?  We are a blog, not FanDuel.

Beyond that… there is a $40 prize, payable via PayPal to the winner.

Periodically, we will do prize contests for the best week. 

But, hey you ARE competitive, right?


Enter your Week 1 lineup below.   That’s it.  And then each week, let us know if you are making any changes to that roster.   


Rule #1: Anyone desiring to enter must submit ONE (and only one) comment announcing the following:

  • One Quarterback from “an ACC school” (i.e. the 14 ACC schools, plus Notre Dame)
  • One Running Back from an ACC school
  • One Wide Receiver from an ACC school
  • One more Running Back, Wide Receiver, or Tight End from an ACC school
  • One defense for an ACC school.
  • One coach for an ACC school

Example of a great entry from last year: Jameis Winston (QB) FSU; Duke Williams (RB) Miami; Jamison Crowder (WR) Duke; Ryan Switzer (WR), UNC; Clemson Defense; and Coach Dave Doeren.  Note the use of first names, positions, and schools.  There are obviously more than one Williams in the ACC.  Also, see Rule #5 regarding diversity in selecting your team.

And then on a weekly basis, just indicate any changes.  If you do not want any changes, you can remain silent.  Your roster from the previous week will still work.

Rule #2: The scoring is as follows for QBs, RBs, WR’s, and TE’s:

  1. 1 point for every 20 yards passing
  2. 1 point for every 10 yards rushing and receiving.
  3. 5 points for a touchdown of any variety (i.e. includes special teams)
  4. For a QB only… 3 bonus points for winning a game in which he attempted at least 90% of the teams passes or personally scored enough points to defeat the opponent (i.e. 3 touchdown passes in a 21-10 win).

Rule #3: The scoring is as follows for a Defense:

  1. Scoring formula = (30 MINUS the number of points the defense allows in regulation)Example, if your team allows 21 points, the defense gets 9 points.  If your team allows 52 points, the defense gets -22 points.  If the score is 30-30 in regulation, but 52-50 in overtime, the defense gets 0 points.
  2. 1 points for a recovered fumble, interception, or sack.
  3. -4 points for allowing 500 yards of offense, 400 yards of passing, and/or 300 yards of rushing.

Rule #4: The scoring is as follows for a Coach:

  1. 5 points for winning a game against an FBS opponent
  2. Bonus points for defeating a ranked team: 20 points for top 5, 15 points for #6-#15, 10 points for #16-#25.  We will use the ESPN poll until the College Football Playoff standings are announced–then that will be the guide 

Rule #5: Bonus points: If your entry uses players/coaches from six different ACC schools, you will receive 5 bonus points that week.

Rule #6:  Transaction demerits.  If you change your lineup from week to week, that is fine.  But there is an ever-increasing penalty for each roster move above one per week.  For each roster change from the week before, you lose that number of points.  So if your Week 2 roster is 6 completely different guys from Week 1, you get a -5.  You can get that back, of course, by having a diverse roster.  See Rule #5.  If you do not make changes, so be it.  Your roster from the week before will apply without any reduction.

Rule #7: The source of the statistics will be the ESPN boxscore, as of the date that it is reviewed by the Confidential for tabulation.  Once the Confidential reviews the ESPN boxscore, the scoring is final–even if ESPN is inaccurate or there is a change to the boxscore.  Defensive statistics will come from a reputable source if not provided by ESPN.

Rule #8: We are a global head-to-head league.  You play EVERYONE every week!  The goal is to get a win–by finishing in the top half of the standings that week.  Example, if there are 20 teams, the 10 highest scores each week get a win, the 10 lowest scores get a loss.  But, if there are 21 teams, the 11th team gets a tie, with the 10 higher scores getting a win and the 10 lower scores getting a loss.  This way, you do not have to beat everyone, you just need to beat half the field each week.

Rule #9:  The team with the best record after the week of November 28th is the winner.  If there are ties, they will be resolved by which team had the most wins.  Next, the team with the better record head-to-head all season.  If there is still a tie, most points on the season.  Beyond that, the prize is just split.  The Confidential does not flip coins or penalty kicks or any other lame tiebreakers.

Rule #10: If someone quits, their score will stop accumulating on a week-to-week basis.  We are not going to have a bunch of quitters taking losses.  Sorry.

To make your entry for Week 1, post it below or in the special Week 1 entry post that will be posted game week.  You can make changes or add your lineup until 1 hour before the first ACC game kicks off.  You can join after Week 1.  Remember to also make lineup changes for each week if you so desire.  Or not.

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40 thoughts on “ACC Fantasy Football Contest: 2015!

  1. I’m game for another round. I like the changes for this season.

    QB B Kaaya Miami
    RB J Connor Pitt
    WR M Williams Clemson
    Flex T Rudolph FSU
    Def Georgia Tech
    Coach B Patrino Louisville

  2. MSU Bulldog on said:

    I’m in:
    QB – Justin Thomas GA Tech
    RB – James Connor Pitt
    WR – Mike Williams Clemson
    Flex – Ryan Switzer UNC
    Def – Florida St
    Coach – Brian Kelly Notre Dame

  3. QB – Brad Kaaya Miami
    RB – James Connor Pitt
    WR – Mike Williams Clemson
    RB – Shaquille Powell Duke
    Defense – Georgia Tech
    Coach – Frank Beamer Virginia Tech

  4. Does Notre Dame count as an ACC football team?
    What if they’re only 3 people playing? Do the top 2 get a win each week?

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  9. QB – Marquise Williams (UNC)
    RB – James Connor (Pitt)
    WR – Artavis Scott (Clem)
    FLEX – Jon Hilliman (BC)
    DEF – Florida State
    Coach – Al Golden (Miami)

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  12. hhuntley17 on said:

    QB: Brad Kaaya (GT)
    RB: James Connor (Pitt)
    WR: Ryan Switzer (UNC)
    FLEX: Shaq Powell (Duke)
    DEF: Clemson
    Coach: Bobby Petrino (Louisville)

    • hhuntley17 on said:

      oops, Kaaya of Miami

      • Good catch… I would have looked for Kaaya and given you a zero! Ha ha ha… just kidding. We are not mean.

        People do need to be fully accurate with Williams though. That one would get tricky.

        In my first fantasy football league–way back in the early 1990s, a guy selected Anderson… and we thought it was the old kicker Morten Andersen. Turns out he wanted a RB named Neal Anderson or something. Drama. He also drafted a player that died in the offseason. So it goes. I guess the main point of this story is that I have been doing fantasy football one way or another for 20+ years, which makes me an old timer that starts on one topic and ends up an a way different topic at the end. Sigh.

    • kaaya 29.8
      conner 18.4
      switzer 5.7
      powell 9.4
      clemson 21
      petrino 0
      bonus 5
      roster n/a

      total: 89.3

  13. QB: Watson, Clem
    RB: Conner, Pitt
    WR: Fuller, ND
    RB: Hillman, BC
    Defense: Florida State
    Coach: Petrino, Lou

  14. acwolfpacker78 on said:

    QB: Brissett, NCSU
    RB: Conner, Pitt
    WR: Williams, Clem
    Flex: Travis Randolph, FSU
    Defense: GT
    Coach: Petrino, Lou

  15. Ryan Cox on said:

    QB D Watson Clemson
    RB J Connor Pitt
    WR M Williams Clemson
    RB Dalvin Cook
    Def Clemson
    Coach Dabo Swinney

  16. QB-J. Brissett (NCSU)
    RB-J. Connor (Pitt)
    WR-M. Williams (Clemson)
    Flex-T. Rudolph (FSU)
    Def-Boston College
    Coach-Beamer (VT)

  17. QB-J.Brissett (NCSt.)
    RB-J.Conner (Pitt)
    WR-T.Rudolph (Fla St.)
    Flex- J.Hiliman (BC)
    Def- Clemson
    Coach- Petrino (Lou)

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  20. Week 2 Picks
    QB: Everett Golson FSU
    RB: J.C. Coleman Virginia Tech
    WR: Rashawn Scott Miami
    WR: Will Fuller Notre Dame
    DEF : Clemson
    Coach : Paul Johnson GT

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