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ACC Fantasy Football Preview: Quarterbacks

As you know, this will be year 2 of the Confidential’s Individual Player ACC Fantasy Football Game.  See here.  This year, we thought we would do a quick ranking of the top 10 ACC QBs (we include ND in the game) from a fantasy football perspective:

  1. Marquise Williams, UNC–3,000 yards passing and nearly 800 yards rushing.  34 touchdowns passing and rushing.  Pretty hard to ignore gaudy numbers like that.  Plus, with a porous defense, he HAS TO put up big numbers.
  2. Deshaun Watson, Clemson–Watson is dynamic.  With a passer rating of 188+ last year, it is clear that Watson can put up outstanding numbers.  There will be tough decisions as to which QB will get the nod each week.  Watson should impress.
  3. Brad Kaaya, Miami–more passing yards than Williams, but no real threat to run the ball.  Will be a good QB to start from time to time, especially with good matchups.
  4. Jacoby Brissett, NC State–Brissett pretty much put up Williams-lite numbers, with 2,600 yards passing and 500 yards rushing.  With the ever-typical cupcake schedule, Brissett will get some starts.
  5. Whomever is tapped at Florida State, FSU.  Seriously… anyone Jimbo Fisher puts under center, be it Maguire or Golson or someone out of the press box,  is a threat for a big day.
  6. Greyson Lambert, Virginia
  7. Michael Brewer, Va Tech
  8. Malik Zaire, Notre Dame
  9. Terrell Hunt, Syracuse
  10. John Wolford, Wake Forest

What do you think?

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3 thoughts on “ACC Fantasy Football Preview: Quarterbacks

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  3. I expect a Louisville QB will make this list later in the year. Without a starter named it is difficult to put any of them in here. 3 different QB’s started for the Cards last season due to injuries & all three put up W’s. Bonnafon seems to be the front runner but I would not leave out Bolin. Gardner can be ruled out, I assume, due to all of his injuries. Freshman Lamar Jackson is said to be dominating practice as late but since he wasn’t in town in the spring I think he is a long shot to come out as the starter against Auburn. Transfer Tyler Ferguson has already left the team & will transfer.

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