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ACC Fantasy Football Preview: Running Backs

As you know, this will be year 2 of the Confidential’s Individual Player ACC Fantasy Football Game.  See here.  This year, we thought we would do a quick ranking of the top 10 ACC RBs (we include Notre Dame in the game) from a fantasy football perspective:

  1. James Conner, Pitt.  Conner was the player of the year in the ACC last year and a fixture in most lineups each week, regardless of opponent.  He is a touchdown machine also.
  2. Dalvin Cook, Florida State.  Assuming that Cook’s legal issues are behind him, Cook will challenge Conner as the top running back in the ACC.
  3. Shadrach Thornton, North Carolina State.  While Thornton did not put up gaudy numbers last year, he remains atop the NC State depth chart.  And NC State, as previously noted, has a cupcake schedule.
  4. Jon Hillman, Boston College.  Boston College seems to have a good offensive line and running game every year.  Hillman should benefit from same this year.
  5. Joseph Yearby, Miami.  With Duke Johnson gone, the baton has been passed to Yearby.  One issue is whether Miami will pass the ball significantly with Kaaya.  With a balanced attack, Yearby becomes a huge “sleeper.”
  6. Wayne Galman, Clemson.
  7. JC Coleman, Virginia Tech.
  8. TJ Logan, North Carolina.
  9. Brandon Radcliff, Louisville.
  10. Someone from Georgia Tech?

What do you think?

Click here for the QB preview.

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