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The Confidential’s ACC Standings Poll: Week 7

As we enter Week 7, the standings are starting to become clear.  This was, by far, the most consistent the Confidential correspondents have been this season.  With 5/6 of the correspondents voting, here are the poll standings as of today and a very very brief synopsis:

10.North Carolina State (4-2), 5 points.  The trip to Clemson could not have gone much worse, but who else deserves the #10 spot?  Yep.  The league’s top 8 are definitely a step ahead of the bottom 7.

9. Boston College (3-2), 7 points.  The Eagles did not play, but losses to Colorado State/Pitt are apparently better than Miami’s trio of losses and North Carolina State’s two losses.  O.K.

8. Virginia Tech (4-2), 16 points.  Virginia Tech took care of North Carolina, but fell well short of East Carolina’s 70 point explosion against the Tar Heels.  The Hokies have had two tough losses, but the Ohio State win looks better and better.

7. Duke (4-1), 23 points.  The Blue Devils lost to Miami, who is only 3-3.  Unfortunately, Duke was not tested in the pre-conference slate and was not ready for the Hurricanes.

6. Virginia (4-2), 24 points.  The Wahoos took care of Pitt, which at this point is not even a surprise.  Mike London’s seat is cooling by the week.  It is a very good reminder that schools should not act too quickly in getting rid of a coach.  Sometimes that 4th season is all it takes.

5. Louisville (5-1), 31 points.  The Cards had a few issues with Syracuse, but the 28-6 score is all you need to know.  This Cards team is one win away from a bowl and that is not even close to their goal.  But this is not the AAC, a trip to Death Valley awaits.

4. Clemson (3-2), 34 points.  Clemson put up video game offensive numbers against NC State… something that Florida State did.  The difference was that Clemson’s D shut out NC State.  Next up is a tough Louisville team looking to show it belongs in a P5 Conference.

3. Georgia Tech (5-0), 39 points.  The Yellow Jackets were a questionable 3-0.  But with wins over Virginia Tech and Miami, things look vastly different.  All of the sudden the Ramblin’ Wreck are in the Coastal driver’s seat.

2. Notre Dame (5-0), 46 points, 1 first place vote.  The Fighting Irish picked up a first-place vote after beating Stanford.  If they can get by UNC, a battle against the Seminoles looms.

1. Florida State (5-0), 49 points, 4 first place votes.  The Seminoles crushed Wake Forest and are 99.9999999999999999999999999999999% likely to crush Syracuse.  End of story.

Others receiving votes: Miami (3), Syracuse, UNC, Pitt and Wake Forest were not on any ballots.

What do you think?  Did we hit/miss?

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4 thoughts on “The Confidential’s ACC Standings Poll: Week 7

  1. You know with a 99.999999% likelihood of success for FSU over Syracuse, I would love to know the money-line on something like that. In the off chance Syracuse wins, you make some good money with little risk.

    • You left off some 9’s. The line is absurdly low. Unless Vegas knows that Fisher will not want to pile it on for some reason…

  2. FYI the line on the game is only -20, last I checked, that is a far cry from -38 against Wake… and Wake hung in there for a while.

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