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The Confidential’s ACC Standings Poll: Week 9

The standings are starting to become even clearer, as all six correspondents voting correspondents had the same top 3, and 5/6 had the same top 5.  Spots 6 through 10 are a mess though.  Here are the poll standings as of today and a brief synopsis:

10.Pittsburgh (4-3), 9 points.  The Panthers REALLY needed a win and got it against Virginia Tech.  With Georgia Tech, Duke, and Miami remaining on the schedule, Pitt can still make some noise in the Coastal at 2-1 in division play.  Next up: Georgia Tech.

9. Miami (4-3), 12 points.  The Hurricanes got a week off to regroup.  On Thursday, the Hurricanes travel to Virginia Tech for what promises to be a difficult game against the Hokies.  That being said, Virginia Tech has been vulnerable at home in recent years.  Next up: @ Virginia Tech.

8. Boston College (4-3), 14 points.  Even in defeat, Boston College impressed.  For the second year in a row, Clemson had trouble dispatching a far less talented Boston College team.  The Eagles are inconsistent, but they sure show up to play against better opponents.  The schedule gets tougher though, with a trip to reeling Wake Forest, as well as games against Florida State, Virginia Tech, and Louisville.  Wake Forest and Syracuse are the best chances for the two wins to get to bowl eligibility.  Next up: @ Wake Forest.

7. Georgia Tech (5-2), 19 points.  To borrow from Dennis Green… “Georgia Tech is who we thought they were.”  This team looked weak in getting to 3-0, looked strong in winning the next two, but has looked mediocre in dropping two straight.  With Virginia, Clemson, and Georgia on the schedule, it is not hard to consider those likely losses.  This week, the Yellow Jackets travel to Pitt for a challenge.  Next up: @ Pitt.

6. Virginia (4-3), 24 points.  Virginia is 4-3, having stumbled against Duke.  The schedule does not get any easier, as North Carolina comes to town for the annual rivalry game.  UNC found their way against Georgia Tech and looked decent against Notre Dame, so they will be no pushover.  Next up: North Carolina.

5. Louisville (6-2), 37 points.  The Cards are a solid #5 team in the ACC, which is about what one would have expected–trailing FSU, Clemson, Notre Dame, and the Coastal leader.  The Cards have extra time to prepare for hosting Florida State next Thursday.  Next up: Florida State.

4. Duke (6-1), 41 points.  At 6-1, the Blue Devils are already bowl-eligible.  They now wait until November 1st to resume their schedule.  November will start with the challenges of traveling to Pitt and Syracuse, but then conclude with three home games against Virginia Tech, UNC, and Wake Forest.  Not impossible for Duke to get to 11-1.  Next up: @ Pitt.

3. Clemson (5-2), 48 points.  The Tigers eked by Boston College, showing the difference that not having Watson at QB makes.  But the Tigers can get to bowl eligibility against Syracuse this week–a team that is just starting to find an offense.  That offense is not likely to overwhelm in Death Valley.  Next up: Syracuse.

2. Notre Dame (6-1), 54 points.  The Fighting Irish looked great all game against Florida State, but ultimately fell short.  As reported yesterday, Notre Dame is still alive for the playoff.  Perhaps there will be a rematch in January?  A week off will help.  Next up: @ Navy.

1. Florida State (7-0), 60 points, 6 first place votes.  The Seminoles did what they needed to do–win.  That is all Florida State does lately… win.  Win pretty, win ugly.  But win.  With Florida reeling and Miami underwhelming, the upcoming game against Louisville on 12-days rest may be the most difficult remaining game of the regular season.  Next up: @ Louisville.

Others receiving votes: UNC 6 points, Va Tech 4 points, Syracuse 2 points.  NC State and Wake Forest… sad trombone.

What do you think?  Did we hit/miss?

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One thought on “The Confidential’s ACC Standings Poll: Week 9

  1. Damn, how the mighty have fallen. NCSU in under a month has gone from starting unbeaten and scaring the crap out of FSU in the first quarter of their game, to today where they are comparable to Wake getting 0 votes in the Top 10… man talk about a fall! Hey Doren, maybe if you spent less time complaining about slow moving players off the field and spent it on other things that could help you win, like I don’t know not letting your QB get killed or actual defense, then maybe you would not be a bottom feeder ACC team. If Doren goes two years in a row with a losing season (possible), will he enter next year on the hot seat?

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