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Clemson and Oregon Schedule Home and Home for 2077 & 2082

If you are a fan of college football, you get excited when two marquee programs agree to play each other in the future.  Who can wait for Texas- Michigan in 2021?  And Notre Dame-Florida State in 2024?  We cannot.

And the prospects of any game featuring the high-powered offense of Chad Morris for the Clemson Tigers or the super-high octane offense of the Oregon Ducks get the proverbial juices flowing. Well, what if the two teams played each other?  How much fun would that be?  Well, you will get your wish.  Sort of.  The Clemson Tigers and Oregon Ducks have agreed to a Home and Home in 2077 & 2082.










Yes, two of the biggest-eyed mascots in College Sports will be representing their teams on the same field.  To be sure, Chad Morris may not be Clemson’s offensive coordinator in 2077, as he will be 109 years old.  And Oregon may be on Chip Kelly III by 2082.   But credit the coaches and athletic directors from these schools from being willing to play each other–even if the games will be several generations after they retire.

One already wonders who the informal captains of that first meeting will be.  Perhaps an 84-year old Marcus Mariota and an 85-year old Vic Beasley?  Who knows.

And one does not even want to ponder what uniform abomination Nike and Oregon will be unveiling 60+ years from now.  It is little comfort for your uniforms to be “terrible, but not Maryland terrible.”  At some point, you should want to look decent.  But that is a topic for another day.  And, again, we have several decades to discuss it.

So… mark your calendars.  2077 and 2082.  Oregon v Clemson. Date and time T.B.A.

The Confidential

P.S. The game will probably be on ESPN CranialImplant2.  Or perhaps the ACC Network (finally)?

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3 thoughts on “Clemson and Oregon Schedule Home and Home for 2077 & 2082

  1. Note: 8-Ball image was during the 2nd quarter of a game against the Miami Hurricanes… in Miami (naturally).

  2. Very funny! Not the game, the part about the ACC Network being launched in time for the 2077 season – hilarious!

  3. Funny, had to be going for a moment.

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