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FSU vs. Louisville Key Numbers

In reviewing the FSU vs. Louisville game I decided to focus on some key numbers I thought were important to narrate this game.  So below, are some of the numbers that define this game:

21- As in how many points Louisville led by early on in the game, before FSU stormed back. It is the largest margin FSU has suffered from since the second game of the 2010 season (over 4 years), when in Jimbo Fisher’s second game as a head coach FSU traveled to Oklahoma and battled the #10 Sooners who easily destroyed FSU by thirty.  By the way, it was never even that close in the game (felt like 100 point loss).  That tells you a few things: a) how big of a deficit FSU had to overcome to win on Thursday, b) how hard it is to do that to FSU considering how many years FSU went without suffering a similar deficit, and c) how good Louisville can be to do that to FSU, even for only a quarter.

12.2- As in that was how many yards per carry (ypc) Dalvin Cook had in the game. Each carry was crucial to the Noles making the comeback.  This mark is the third highest ypc all year, and the most by any player who had 100 yards rushing in the game.  Remember he did this with the game on the line, when the Seminoles needed a boost, and against the best defense in the county going into the game.  Cook has had some other good games.  This game is his second 100 yarder, his first coming against Syracuse.  He scored his first td of his career in his first game of his career against the Citadel.  Yet he really made his entrance on the big stage Thursday Night.  Cook is FSU’s future, and possibly it’s present with how Williams has struggled on and off the field and Pender always an injury concern.

3- As in how many touchdowns and interceptions Jameis Winston had in the game. He dug part of FSU’s hole, and then dug FSU out.  Much like Winston’s career at FSU, his game had many highs and many lows, which are often self-inflicted lows. In the end he pulled it out, as he has done 22 straight times to extend FSU’s win streak to 24.

1- As in either 1 amazing body slam by the Golden Cub (aka-Nick O’Leary) or 1 missed kicked by Mr. Automatic (aka- Roberto Aquayo ).  Both equally surprised me, but one caused me to have flashbacks to games against the Canes while the other made me have flash backs of Kurt Angle.  Thank goodness the kick did not mean anything in terms of the game result.

0- As in no td’s for Devante Parker. Now, do not get me wrong, Parker was killing the FSU secondary for the tune of 200+ receiving yards, but almost half of that total came from the first play from scrimmage.  Gardner hit a wide open Parker who was tracked down from behind by the speedy FSU secondary just short of the goal-line.  Shockingly, FSU prevented Louisville from scoring at all on this drive, and I am sure Petrino was annoyed he did not have either 3 or 7 more points at the end of the game.  Parker not getting what seemed to be a sure TD hurt Louisville.

28- As in how many carries Dyer had on the ground for the Cardinals. On those carries he had over a hundred yards and three touchdowns.  These numbers helped keep the Cardinals offense cooking, which has struggled at times.  Unfortunately, he will leave the Cardinals at year end, but it is clear Dyer is a weapon for them the rest of the season (watch out BC).

10- As in how many times Louisville failed to convert third downs against FSU’s defense, which worked out to 1 for 11. This number proved to be telling, as Louisville could not get key first downs when the game came to a close.  In the same vein you can add to the number 2 in this category, as in how many 4th down conversions failed.  The last one clearly was the most brutal… right through the hands is all I will say.

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