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Fantasy Football Entry Page: Week 11

Remember, the Confidential’s Fantasy Football game is structured to allow late entries.  THERE IS STILL TIME TO ENTER AND WIN THE OVERALL CONTEST!


We don’t go by total points for the whole season; rather, we just allow teams to win the week or not.  Whoever wins the most weeks, wins the overall prize.

Here are the standings:


1. Brian & Lenville Cards 3

3. M Caffrey   2 wins

4. Josh Vickery & ACaffrey 1 win

6.  The other billions of people on the planet  0 wins

For Week 109 results, see here.   For rules, see here.  As a reminder, to enter, simply comment below with an ACC QB, RB, WR, Flex, Defense, and Coach.  We’ll do the rest.


Entries due before kickoff of the first ACC/Notre Dame game, which is THURSDAY at 7pm this week!!!! 


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16 thoughts on “Fantasy Football Entry Page: Week 11

  1. QB- J. Winston (FSU)
    RB- S. Thornton (NCSU)
    WR- J. Crowder (Duke)
    Flex- Prince Tyson Gulley (Syracuse)
    Def- Clemson
    Coach- Kelly (ND)

  2. hhuntley17 on said:

    QB- Winston (FSU)
    RB- Wilson (Duke)
    WR- Hines (NCSU)
    Flex- Laskey (GT)
    Def- Clemson
    Coach- Kelly (ND)

  3. Josh Vickery on said:

    QB – Anthony Boone (Duke)
    RB – Zach Laskey (GT)
    WR – Rashad Green (FSU)
    Flex – Kevin Parks (UVA)
    Def – Clemson
    Coach – Petrino (Lou)

  4. QB: Winston (FSU)
    RB: Parks (UVa)
    WR: Parker (LOU)
    Flex: Crowder (Duke)
    Def: Clemson
    Coach: Kelly (ND)

  5. QB Winston FSU
    RB Dyer Louisville
    WR Crowder Duke
    FLEX Hines NC ST
    DEF Clemson
    COACH Kelly ND

  6. QB – Thomas (GaTech)
    RB – Parks (UVA)
    WR – Williams (Clem)
    FLEX – O’Leary (FSU)
    DEF – Duke
    Coach – Kelly (ND)

    • So you are the only one who went with a non-Clemson D… smart man… Wake, dropping 20, who would have thunk.

      • don’t worry, I’m sure that my selection of O’Leary will come back to haunt me, just like my selection of Mike Williams over the obvious choice of Artavis Scott.

        • I do love the Golden Cub, but he has not been as outstanding as I thought he would be this year. Winston loves to throw the ball down the field too much for him to rack up big numbers. But UVA could force him into short throws. Good D.

    • Thomas 15.7
      Parks 7.0
      Williams 2.9
      OLeary 0
      Duke 29
      Kelly 0
      Bonus 5

      TOTAL: 59.6

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