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The Confidential’s ACC Standings Poll: Week 13

It is now mid-November.  The season is down to its final weeks.  The Atlantic is clear, the Coastal is essentially down to two teams.  Here is how the correspondents view the top 10 in the ACC:

10.North Carolina State (6-5), 6 points.  At 6-5, Dave Doeren’s squad turned things around quite nicely.  The wins may not be that impressive, but a school like Syracuse should take notice that scheduling light is important for a team that is not yet elite and is certainly in no realistic position to worry about “strength of schedule” analysis.  Kudos to the entire North Carolina State program for getting back on track.  Next up: @ North Carolina.

9. UNC (5-5), 8 points.  The Tar Heels have been up and down, but now have two rivalry games to win one and go bowling.  Merely going to a bowl may not be enough to satisfy the fan base’s expectations, but it is important to keep that momentum going.  The Coastal will be there for the taking for the foreseeable future.  Next up: @ Duke.

8. Boston College (6-4), 18 points.  There were three teams that all correspondents agreed on placement wise: Florida State at #1, Miami at #7, and B.C. at #8.  For a 6-4 win team with a win over Southern Cal, is B.C. getting due credit?  If not, they can prove folks wrong against the Seminoles this week.  Next up: @ Florida State.

7. Miami (6-4), 18 points. Miami became the latest team to learn that no lead is safe against Florida State.  While Hurricane faithful are disappointed, the reality is that this team is taking steps forward.  The important thing is to keep winning the winnable games, such as Virginia and Pitt.  Next up: @ Virginia.

5. Notre Dame (7-3) and Louisville (7-3), tied with 35 points. Fittingly, these two teams were tied for 5th place in the voting and they play this week to sort it out.  It should be cold in South Bend, which may be a challenge for the Cardinals.  However, it is cold everywhere, including Kentucky, these days.  In any event, these are two teams with high expectations for this year that have now fallen short.  This should be a great game.

4. Clemson (7-3), 42 points.  The Confidential received some Twitter-based grief about the correspondents ranking Clemson #4 a few weeks ago.  Look, the Tigers looked pedestrian against middling teams like Syracuse and Wake Forest.  And they were taken to the woodshed by Georgia Tech.  The Tigers defense is strong, but the offense is struggling right now.  Georgia State is a nice tune up before the finale against South Carolina.  Next up: Georgia State.

3. Duke (8-2), 47 points.  Duke had a chance to make this a very special season.  All they needed to do was beat three sub-.500 teams at home down the stretch.  Virginia Tech messed those plans up.  We should have seen the warning signs when a depleted Syracuse team was tied 10-10 with Duke entering the 4th quarter.  Even worse, the ACC Championship Game looks to be a missed opportunity for Florida State to show its worth.  Assuming the opponent is Duke.  Next up: North Carolina.

2. Georgia Tech (9-2), 51 points.  Give credit to Paul Johnson and the Georgia Tech administration.  Sometimes the best coaching change you can make is to not make one at all.  The Yellow Jackets are a Georgia win away from having a 10-win season.  They are also a Duke loss away from yet another visit to the ACC Championship game.  It would help Florida State for a 10-2 Georgia Tech to be its opponent.  Then again, does Florida State even WANT to play this Georgia Tech team right now?  In any event, they get two weeks to prepare for Georgia, which is nice.  Next up: @ Georgia.

1. Florida State (10-0), 50 points, 6 first place votes.  The Seminoles have not looked pretty at times, but they sure are looking undefeated.  Nobody really knows how good Florida State is or how they would matchup against the playoff teams.  About the only thing we DO know is that the Seminoles will find a way to be down in the first half and that they will probably find a way to win.  First things first, the Seminoles need three more wins.  They cannot look past a solid Boston College team.  Next up: Boston College.

Others receiving votes: Va Tech 4.  Pitt, Virginia, Syracuse, and Wake Forest were shutout.

What do you think?  Did we hit/miss?

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