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Way to Go Boston College! Weekend 1 in College Hoops.

The ACC had a good opening weekend in basketball, as 14 of its teams went undefeated for a combined 20-0!    The only outlier was Boston College, who lost to UMass to finish the weekend with 1 win and 1 loss.   C’mon Eagles… get with the times!  It’s not like you lost to Kansas.  Sheesh!

It could be worse.  The Big 10 has two teams with losses, as Minnesota and Rutgers lost.  The latter lost to George Washington, showing just how far the Scarlet Knights have to come.  Then again, it’s surprising that George Washington was not Rutgers’ primary OOC opponent in football.

The Pac-12 suffered a few losses, as USC lost to Portland State (ouch) and Washington State lost to UTEP.

The SEC showed it is all about football and not the bouncy ball, as it had four of its teams losing opening weekend.  Missouri, Georgia, Ole Miss, and Tennessee all have losses already.

The Big XII went 13-0, continuing a very good run in 2013-2014.  In fact, the Big XII is the only conference without a loss.

Well, the ACC would have, if Boston College had handled its in-state rival.  Granted, none of this matters at all.  The long regular season and the Big Dance will sort it out.  But let’s give Boston College a little needling this week…



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