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Fantasy Football Entry Page: Week 14

Remember, the Confidential’s Fantasy Football game is structured to allow late entries.  THERE IS STILL TIME TO ENTER !


We don’t go by total points for the whole season; rather, we just allow teams to win the week or not.  Whoever wins the most weeks, wins the overall prize.

Here are the standings:


1. Brian & Lenville Cards 3

3. Josh Vickery, MCaffrey & ACaffrey  2 wins

6. Mr. Tar Heel 1 win

7.  The other billions of people on the planet  0 wins

For Week 13 results, see here.   For rules, see here.  As a reminder, to enter, simply comment below with an ACC QB, RB, WR, Flex, Defense, and Coach.  We’ll do the rest.


Entries due before kickoff of the first ACC/Notre Dame game… Friday this week.

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14 thoughts on “Fantasy Football Entry Page: Week 14

  1. QB- M. Williams (UNC)
    RB- D. Johnson (UM)
    WR- M. Williams (Clemson)
    Flex- T. Folston (ND)
    Def- Duke
    Coach- Johnson (GT)

  2. This is the second-to-last week, fyi. The final “week” will be during the entire bowl season.

  3. QB: Williams, UNC
    RB: D. Johnson, MIA
    WR: Parker, LOU
    RB: Crowder, Duke
    Defense: BC
    Coach: Johnson (GT)

  4. QB – Marquise Williams- North Carolina
    RB – James Connor- Pittsburgh
    WR – Mike Williams- Clemson
    Flex – Jamison Crowder- Duke
    DEF – Louisville
    Coach – Paul Johnson- Georgia Tech

  5. Josh Vickery on said:

    QB – Marquise Williams (UNC)
    RB – Duke Johnson (Miami)
    WR – Jamison Crowder (Duke)
    Flex – Devante Parker (Louisville)
    Def – Boston College
    Coach – Fisher (FSU)

  6. QB Williams NC
    RB D Johnson Miami
    WR Greene FSU
    FLEX Connor Pitt
    DEF Louisville
    COACH Johnson GT

  7. Bob Nauseef on said:

    QB Marquise NC
    RB Duke Johnson Miami
    WR Boyd Pitt
    Flex Crowder Duke
    Def Duke
    Coach Cutcliffe Duke

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