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ACC Fantasy Football: Week 10 Recap!

Thanks to all those who continue to participate in our weekly fantasy football league!  It is a free game.  There is a prize on a season-long basis.  The rules are here.   Feel free to enter the season-long game.  These are the results from Week 10–individual team results are located here in the comments section.  In any event, here is the week 10 recap:

As always, this is done by hand so the potential for error is there.  It is final in 48 hours.


With 9 entries, 4 teams get wins (bold), 4 teams get losses, and 1 team gets a tie (italic):

Josh V = 153.1 pts

MSU = 140.4 pts

Chrislords = 139.9 pts

LD = 139.0 pts

Lenville = 124.6 points

ACwolfpacker = 117.2 pts

Brian = 103.2 pts

Commander = 92.6 pts

HHuntley = 69.6 pts


  1. Accwolfpacker  7-2-1 (15 pts–in a hypothetical 2 pts per win, 1 pt per tie format))
  2. LenvilleCards 6-2-2 (14 pts)
  3. Commander 6-4; LD  6-4 & MSU Bulldog 6-4 (10 pts)
  4. Brian 3-5-2 (8 pts)
  5. HHuntley17   3-6-1 (7 pts)
  6. Josh V  2-5-3 (7 pts)
  7. Chrislords  2-8 (4 pts)

Commander screwed himself again without a QB, but it likely would not have made a difference.  How about Josh V and Chrislords playing the spoiler super effectively, with Lenville narrowing the ACCWoldpacker lead down to a win/tie differential?  3-way tie for 3rd place… with three weeks left!

GREAT JOB BY EVERYONE!   On to Week 11….

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2 thoughts on “ACC Fantasy Football: Week 10 Recap!

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  2. This win goes out to all the little people!! haha GO TIGERS!!!!!!!!

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