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More on Scott Shafer and the Great Guy Narrative

“Do as I say, not as I do,” the Scott Shafer era.

Stephen Bailey ‏@Stephen_Bailey1 2h2 hours ago

Syracuse will not make its QBs available for interview tonight to avoid giving Clemson an advantage in its preparation.
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The Confidential ‏@acconfi 37m37 minutes ago

@Stephen_Bailey1 @ClemsonTigerNet not very gentlemanly

Brannon Shea

10:51 AM – 10 Nov 2015 · Details

Syracuse Confidential

In the law, evidence of bad character is not generally admissible. However, it may become admissible if you try to interject your own evidence of good character.  This is called “opening the door.”  There is no proof that Shafer is a bad guy. However, there is this constant drumbeat that Scott Shafer is a “great guy.”  This opens the door to criticism of his character. Earlier, we posited that the narrative of Scott Shafer the “great guy” could and should be questioned.  Since then, he has added to the list.

First, he suggested that Jimbo Fisher was not being a gentleman in failing to disclose injuries:

“You try to be a gentleman with those situations, and some are,” Shafer said Thursday night on his weekly radio show on TK99.5. “And (in) some incidences guys have reasons for not being a gentleman, I guess.”

This was roundly criticized everywhere and for…

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