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The Collision of Syracuse Basketball and Syracuse Football

“The Syracuse football team is the one that needs to pull upsets to get back to prominence, while the Syracuse basketball team–despite sanctions–will continue to try to avoid same. That has been the case for many years now. So it is nothing new. As the two sports collide every fall, the different trajectories could not contrast more.”

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Every year, there is that point where Syracuse football and basketball overlap. In 2015, we have reached that point. The Syracuse basketball team opens the 2015-2016 season against Lehigh tonight, with the 10th football game of the season kicking off tomorrow against #1 Clemson.

As TNIIAM noted, the last time the Syracuse basketball team faced Lehigh, it was in 1931: “On the final day of 1931, the Orangemen used eleven points from Whitey Bock and cruised to a 34-17 victory.” 34-17 in basketball. 34 points scores and 17 points allowed. Needless to say, both teams will likely exceed the 51-point barrier tonight.

Unfortunately, there is a very real chance that the football team will allow more than 51 points to Clemson on Saturday.  After allowing 45 points to a Florida State team that lost to Clemson and 41 points to a Louisville team that has struggled offensively, the writing is…

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