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Ranking the Potential Syracuse Coaching Hires

Early ranking of the potential Syracuse hires. How do YOU rank them? Let us know…

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The Confidential posted a blurb on who Syracuse should hire a few moments before Syracuse made it official that there would BE a job search by firing Scott Shafer. So now the look at future coaching candidates gets real. Very real. So let’s take a look at who various media sources/blogs are talking about and analyze them deeper–even going so far as to rank them:

1. Scott Frost. Look, the knee-jerk reaction for most fans will be…”No, not another assistant with no head coaching experience!” Others may say…”It is easier to find an offensive-minded coordinator than a good defensive coordinator, so let’s prioritize defense. The reality is that Frost has an offensive scheme that is not worlds different than what Syracuse has run the past three years, just much better. Oregon takes great pride in having its linemen be physically fit–rather than just behemoths. It might make some sense…

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2 thoughts on “Ranking the Potential Syracuse Coaching Hires

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  2. MSU Bulldog on said:

    Evindently Dan Mullen has a standing offer at every ACC school this year, so i’d add him to the list….

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