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Hyperbole Alert, But Duke Win “Saves” Syracuse Season

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At the risk of drifting well into hyperbole, last night’s Syracuse win over Duke has saved the season for the Orange.  With a 4-5 swoon under interim coach Mike Hopkins, and then a loss to North Carolina in Jim Boeheim’s return, Syracuse stood at 0-4 in conference play.  With a win over hapless Boston College and not quite there yet Wake Forest, Syracuse was still only 2-4.  Now, with a win over Duke–at Duke–Syracuse stands at 3-4 and 13-7 overall.  This is a record that will allow Syracuse to control its destiny–saving the season.

If Syracuse had lost, they would be 2-5, 12-8 overall.  To get to 20 wins, Syracuse would have to find 8 wins out of a remaining schedule that has 11 games left in the regular season, including trips to Virginia, UNC, and Louisville, as well as home games against Notre Dame.  Not much margin for error. …

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