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Should ANY Syracuse Athlete Be Allowed to Wear #44?

A photo in a blog entry over at featured a Syracuse lacrosse player wearing the hallowed #44.  Indeed, this year’s lacrosse roster has Matt Harris donning the number.  And there are other Syracuse Orange players wearing the number: field hockey’s Megan Evangelista and lacrosse’s Mary Rahal.  No athlete should have their number taken away.  And this is not to criticize any of the three for choosing that number–few Syracuse athletes would turn down the opportunity to wear #44.  But, moving forward, should Syracuse retire the #44 for all sports?

On this issue, the Confidential remains silent.  First, it is not clear that #44 should be retired for football, much less all sports.  Second, on the other hand, #44 is a number that identifies with Syracuse unlike almost any other number at any other institution.   Jim Brown, Ernie Davis, Floyd Little, Derrick Coleman, John Wallace.  The zip code.  And so on.

Instead of opining, the Confidential will simply invite commentary: If the 44 is retired from football and basketball, and is the number that defines the University as a whole (see the zip code change), does it make sense for any Syracuse athlete to be allowed to wear the number?   Let us know here or on Twitter.


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One thought on “Should ANY Syracuse Athlete Be Allowed to Wear #44?

  1. Of course they can wear jersey #44… is it not for sale at all major sportswear outlets?

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