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The ACC in the Final Four

With North Carolina defending its #1 seed against Syracuse, who went from bubble to Houston, it is yet another season with the ACC being well-represented in the Final Four.  How often has the ACC had a representative?  Well, here is your answer (champions in bold, current members that were not in the ACC at the time in italics, former members that were in the ACC at that time in strikethrough):

2016: North Carolina, Syracuse

2015: Duke

2013: Syracuse, Louisville

2012: Louisville

2010: Duke

2009: North Carolina

2008: North Carolina

2005: North Carolina, Louisville

2004: Duke, Georgia Tech

2003: Syracuse

2002: Maryland

2001: Duke, Maryland

2000: North Carolina

1999: Duke

1998: North Carolina

1997: North Carolina

1996: Syracuse

1995: North Carolina

1994: Duke

1993: North Carolina

1992: Duke

1991: Duke, North Carolina

1990: Duke, Georgia Tech

1989: Duke

1988: Duke

1987: Syracuse

1986: Louisville, Duke

1984: Virginia

1983: North Carolina State

1982: North Carolina, Louisville

1981: North Carolina, Virginia

1980: Louisville

1978: Duke, Notre Dame

1977: North Carolina

1975: Syracuse, Louisville

1974: North Carolina State

1972: North Carolina, Florida State, Louisville

1969: North Carolina

1968: North Carolina

1967: North Carolina

1966: Duke

1964: Duke

1963: Duke

1962: Wake Forest

1959: Louisville

1957: North Carolina

ACC was formed in 1953

1950: North Carolina State

1946: North Carolina

1941: Pittsburgh

As you can see, the ACC and Final Four go together quite nicely.  Even limiting it to conference affiliation at the time of the Final Four, that is 33 ACC schools in 35 Final Fours from 1981 to 2016.  Pretty.  Darn.  Impressive.








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