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ACC Rumor Mill–FWIW

Social media gives every moron–including the moron writing this post–an opportunity to have a public voice.  It is up to everyone else to sift the wheat from the chaff and figure out what to believe or not believe.  At the same time, even a broken clock is right twice a day, while that blind squirrel occasionally finds an acorn.  Long story short… when a rumor is spotted, it can be passed along under the “FWIW” tagline.  So here it goes.

From Twitter:

Could have some big news coming from ACC country soon. Should also put to rest any defectors from ACC

ND could be going all in(rumor) and ACCN is going to be announced(rumor but leaning towards fact)

Also ACC could be targeting a school that B12 is talking to for expansion. In hearing Uconn but have heard Cincy from others.

I hate swofford but give him his respect.

16h16 hours ago

ACC leadership is what B12 leadership should be. Quick to act and unified

  16h16 hours ago


Looking like ESPN is going to invest their B10 $$ into ACC and B12 to keep those brands strong.

If you are an ACC fan, the trinity of accomplishments would be (a) Notre Dame; (b) an ACC Network; and (c) 16-team stability.  So… it is hard NOT to WANT these rumors to have a bit of truth to them.  Are they true?  Who knows?  Time will tell…


Update on ACC Revenue

CBS is reporting that the future addition of Notre Dame will have an immediate impact on revenue.  Even with just a 5-game football schedule and basketball games, Notre Dame will contribute in excess of $1M additional to the television revenue for each school.  While this is not “catching up to the Big 10” money, the gap between the conferences is not as wide as reported.  This may be why there are lots of rumors regarding schools leaving, but few actually doing so.

That same article also reports as follows regarding an ACC Network:

The ACC is currently considering a 24-hour sports channel with ESPN, which is gathering information and will return to the league with an assessment. If ESPN makes an offer the ACC likes, plans for a channel might commence. The league is evaluating whether a channel makes the most business sense.

Look, who knows if an ACC Network would be successful?  What is clear, however, is that the Big 10 Network is successful. This is where things are headed.  If there is not going to be an ACC Network, then ACC teams might very well end up on the Big 10 Network, to ESPN’s loss.

Perhaps ESPN would benefit from some sort of joint network between the SEC and the ACC, where both channels are a package that is available from the Northeast down to Florida and West to Texas.  That’s a lot of territory to bundle the packages together.  The price could be determined by media market.  The SEC channel could be 90 cents a month in Texas, while the ACC channel could be 10 cents a month there.  But in North Carolina, it could be the inverse.  The extra revenue provided by the bundling would help get both channels more market saturation.

Then again, the Confidential is hardly a financial or television tycoon.  Perhaps ESPN is moving towards jai alai, as that will be the sport of the 22nd century.

What do you think?  ACC Network have ANY potential?

ACC Considering a Network?

In a move that should surprise exactly nobody, the Atlantic Coast Conference may be considering an ACC network.  The Big 10 has one that mints money.  The Pac-12 is working on a network.  The SEC is in the planning stages of having a network.  The ACC really has to consider this as a means of survival.  Or at least “keeping up with the Joneses.”

While nobody should expect an ACC network to generate the type of revenue that the Big 10 network does, the ACC can still make additional money with a network.  The Big 10 has been successful with third-tier games.  An expanded ACC has some pretty compelling third-tier games to offer.  And the ACC basketball side of things will lead to substantial inventory.  This is what the Big East always missed–basketball is inventory.  Hopefully, the ACC will learn from the Big East’s mistake.  You’ve got to market what you have to market.

To be sure, ESPN has the ACC’s rights locked up for the next 15 years.  But if ESPN wants to have an ACC, it is going to have to bend.  If the ACC is splintered and split up by the other conferences, Fox could very well end up with some of the most attractive names.  ESPN may have sole rights over the SEC, but the SEC only has room for 2 more teams.  The Big 10 and Big 12 can take 8-10 teams between them.

In any event, it is good to see the ACC exploring all of its options.  A network is part of the future revenue puzzle.

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