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Syracuse-Notre Dame Recap: Beware Fool’s Gold

The Confidential was tweeting aplenty during the Syracuse-Notre Dame game.  Indeed, the Confidential got into a twitter-battle (which always makes me think of Dr. Seuss’s “Muddle Puddle Tweetle Poodle Beetle Noodle Bottle Paddle Battle”) over the Syracuse defensive performance.  The upshot is that the Confidential has some legitimate concerns that this Syracuse coaching staff will be seeing Fool’s Gold with the 5 turnovers, just like there was Fool’s Gold with the nearly 1,000 yards of offense the past two weeks. 

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Capital One Cup Criticism

Yesterday, we shared the exciting news of the Capital One Cup victory by the North Carolina women.  But did you know that not everyone likes the Capital One Cup?  Indeed, fans of the Big 10 (remember, the Confidential’s motto for the Big 10 is “first in money and nothing else”) are unhappy that the Capital One Cup (gasp!) assigns different points to different sports.  Here is our response to that…

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