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Syracuse Shake-up: Is McDonald a Stubborn Goat or a Scape Goat?

There are many great debates in Syracuse football history: Should the #44 have been retired? Was Paul Pasqualoni unfairly fired? Should SU play games in NYC? (Answers: yes, no, yes).

OrangeFizz adds a new one to the mix: Was Head Coach Scott Shafer acting as a leader, or out of desperation? I will go another step further: Was George McDonald just a scapegoat to save Shafer’s ass?  Read more…

Is This Syracuse Football Team Hard-Nosed?

There is no secret that Syracuse football head coach Scott Shafer wants the Orange to be a hard-nosed football team.  Just do a search for Shafer and hard-nosed—see what you get.  But after 3 games… does it really appear that this Syracuse football team is hard-nosed?  Unfortunately, one can make a strong argument that it is not.  And that starts at the top.

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Syracuse Fans: Get Off The Ledge

Syracuse looked rough tonight.  The 48-27 score was perhaps a bit misleading as it seemed as if Northwestern could have scored a lot more, had they chosen to keep throwing.  There is plenty of wailing and gnashing of teeth by Syracuse fans tonight.  But the Confidential just wants to remind Syracuse fans that they need to come in off the ledge.  There are many reasons why.

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