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Confidential Fantasy Football Recap: Week 1

The Confidential is running its fantasy football game again this year.  There is still time to join, as we run on a weekly basis.  See here for rules.

Here are the results for Week 1 (see comments section on this page for points by player).  As always, this is done by hand so the potential for error is there.  It is final in 48 hours.  Here is the scoring total recap:

LD   83.5 points

Brian 96.8 points

Ryan Cox  95.0 points

Accwolfpacker  91.8 points

Commander  91.2 points

HHuntley17  89.3 points

Josh V  83.1 points

Chrislords  96.6 points

MSU Bulldog  74.0 points

LenvilleCards 91.9 points



With 10 entries, 5 teams get wins (bold) and 5 teams get losses:

Brian 96.8

Chrislords   96.6 

Ryan Cox  95.0

LenvilleCards  91.9

Accwolfpacker  91.8

Commander 91.2

HHuntley17  89.3

LD   83.5

Josh V  81.1

MSU Bulldog  74.0



Brian 1-0

Chrislords  1-0 

Ryan Cox  1-0

LenvilleCards 1-0

Accwolfpacker  1-0

Commander 0-1

HHuntley17   0-1

LD   0-1

Josh V   0-1

MSU Bulldog   0-1


GREAT JOB BY EVERYONE!  Still plenty of time for us losers to get right back into the game in Week 2 and even the score.  Meanwhile, the winners need to keep on winning.  Still time for others to join in and catch up too!   On to Week 2….

Comparing the ACC and Big 10 After Week 1

The SEC is the best football conference…. just look at the top 25.  Even setting aside the rankings bias, there is still no comparison.  But is the ACC ready to challenge the Big 10 in football as of 2014?  Let’s take a closer look at this battle after Week 1.

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