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Back to Sports?

It is Friday.  This has been a horrible week, obviously.  The “news” stations have been taking over the “sports stations” in terms of interest.  It feels weird to even think about sports.  But somehow, someway, we will eventually get back to our “normal” lives.  Whatever that means.

Indeed, what is the point of being fortunate enough to avoid disaster, but then getting mired down in not living this short life to its fullest?  And, although sports may not be anywhere close to the importance that we sometimes think, sports is at least some part of us living our life to its fullest.

Major league baseball is on its slow march to Fall.  Colleges are either finishing up spring football scrimmages or they will be taking place soon.  The NFL Draft–now a multi-day affair–begins next week.  The Kentucky Derby is around the corner.  College lacrosse and baseball playoffs.  Major league baseball will continues its slow march to Fall.  The NBA and NHL are about to hit their playoff seasons.  The NBA draft will take place.  Grand slam events in tennis and golf.  And so on.   And that is just he stuff we watch.

The slow period in sports for the Confidential (i.e. between the end of basketball season and the beginning of football season), is not really all that slow.  There will be plenty to keep us busy.

But, for now, it feels a little weird to think about sports.  When that feeling changes, maybe we will know that we are a bit further along the road to recovery.

The Confidential’s thoughts and prayers are with all the people who suffered such substantial losses this week.  For those who will not find normal any time soon, we can only hope that you can find peace.

What about you?  Can you even think about sports right now?

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One thought on “Back to Sports?

  1. This was truly a tragic event. There were U of L & personal ties but luckily all are well and can add another survivor story to the others. Let’s hope justice will be served.

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