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Notre Dame’s ACC Football Schedule Announced

Several months ago, the ACC and Notre Dame announced a football partnership, with Notre Dame agreeing to play 5 games against ACC opponents each year.  With these games set to begin in 2014, the parties have now announced the games that will be played during the first three years.

Without further ado, here is the schedule for the first three years:


Notre Dame at Florida State

Louisville at Notre Dame

North Carolina at Notre Dame

Notre Dame at Syracuse

Wake Forest at Notre Dame


Boston College at Notre Dame

Notre Dame at Clemson

Georgia Tech at Notre Dame

Notre Dame at Pittsburgh

Notre Dame at Virginia


Duke at Notre Dame

Miami at Notre Dame

Notre Dame at NC State

Notre Dame at Syracuse

Virginia Tech at Notre Dame

All those who thought Syracuse would be the team to get two games with Notre Dame in the first three-year period, raise your hands!  Of course, Syracuse had games slated for all three years, so it was a logical plan to keep in place.

Notably, Notre Dame visits three of the more football-oriented programs each year, with trips to Florida State, Clemson, and North Carolina State scheduled.  The following three years will involve travels to Louisville, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, and Miami.

On Thursday, Notre Dame announced an extension of its television deal with NBC.  The ten-year extension is reported to be worth $15 million a year.

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3 thoughts on “Notre Dame’s ACC Football Schedule Announced

  1. Both Syracuse-Notre Dame games will be at Met Life Stadium…both the ESPN and ACC releases were not only incorrect vs. each other but incorrect about where games will be played. These two games were signed prior to ACC entrance by ‘Cuse-Notre Dame and were scheduled for Met Life Stadium…a larger stadium and NYC oriented.

    • Not sure how that is incorrect. Syracuse has decided to have “home games” in the NYC area. See USC in 2012, Penn State in 2013.

      Moreover, the designation of “at” is HIGHLY important for determining who gets the television rights. If those games are at Notre Dame, then ND gets the TV rights. If those games are at Syracuse, then ABC/ESPN gets the TV rights.

  2. Louisville fans thank you ACC, you’re doing in our first season what the BE had never done for us & that’s put ND on our schedule. 2013 schedule leaves allot to be desired but what an unbelievable schedule we will have starting in 2014!

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