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ACC & 2014 NFL Draft

After a great 2013 NFL Draft weekend, it is time to start looking ahead to the 2014 NFL Draft.  At least that is the case if you are a draftnik like ESPN’s Todd McShay!  He already has a ranking of the top 32 NFL Draft prospects for 2014. 

There are a handful of guys with ACC ties on this preliminary list.  Obviously, much will change in the next 12 months.  But here are the guys with ACC ties getting love from McShay:

  • #2  Teddy Bridgewater QB  Louisville
  • #7  Louis Nix III  NT  Notre Dame
  • #8  Tajh Boyd  QB Clemson
  • #14  Timmy Jernigan  DT  Florida State
  • #18 Stephon Tuitt  DT  Notre Dame
  • #20 Jeremiah Attauchu WR Georgia Tech
  • #21  Sammy Watkins WR Clemson

So that is 4 guys playing in the ACC and 7 guys with ACC ties.  Not sure what anyone else thinks, but the ACC is claiming Notre Dame effective immediately.  So we will call it 6. 

As always, the  SEC is the dominant conference, with 14 guys on the list.  The Big 2/Little 12….err… B1G has 3–exclusively represented by Michigan and Ohio State.  The Big XII has two.  The Pac-12 actually finishes ahead of the Big XII and B1G with 5 guys on the list. 

What do you think?  Who is McShay leaving out from the ACC?

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3 thoughts on “ACC & 2014 NFL Draft

  1. dacuseman on said:

    1 Jerome Smith. A strong, between the tackles, running back that teams like the Giants, Patriots and Steelers adore. His superb history in Ball security (a.k.a., not putting the rock on the ground) will only help.

    2 Prince Tyson-Gulley (PTG) A shifty change of pace rb with Between the tackles power and break away speed. Also protects the ball very well.

    3 Maquis Spruil. Can play any lb postion and has the speed to coverTEs and RBs. Very productive but a little undersized, which will hurt his stock.

    Still think Spruil has a good shot but absolutely sold on the 1st 2.

    • dacuseman on said:

      DT Jay Bromley is also making a big push too! Keep an eye on him. And, of course, these fellas all hail from the Cuse.

  2. DeVantea Parker WR of Louisville. He’s quick and has great hands with a nose for the end zone. He has good size to. He is the best in this deep group and likely will put up big numbers despite this.

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