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Revenue Sports Decade in Review

Last week, we analyzed the last decade of ACC performances in football and basketball.  There were some surprises.  For example, Boston College in football and Florida State in basketball.  But what does it mean overall?  How about a ranking of the performances of all schools in both sports?  Here you go.

The rankings of the ACC programs overall:

  1. Florida State  (#2 in football and #3 in basketball)  5 points
  2. Virginia Tech (#1 in football and #7 in basketball)  8 points
  3. North Carolina  (#2 in basketball and #7 in football)  9 points
  4. Miami (#5 in basketball and #5 in football)  10 points
  5. Boston College (#5 in basketball and #6 in football)  11 points  (Yes, that is three former Big East teams in the top 5)
  6. Clemson (#3 in football and #9 in basketball)  12 points
  7. Duke (#1 in basketball and #12 in football)  13 points   (The extremes)
  8. Maryland (#4 in basketball and #11 in football)  15 points
  9. Georgia Tech (#4 in football and #12 in basketball)  16 points
  10. North Carolina State  (#7 in basketball and #10 in football)  17 points
  11. Virginia  (#7 in football and #11 in basketball)  18 points
  12. Wake Forest (#9 in football and #10 in basketball)  19 points   (Who else thought that Wake Forest basketball HAD to be the strong part of the program?)

Obviously, Florida State deserves props here.  For all the talk about Seminoles fans being overly-arrogant…. scoreboard.  Florida State is the best program in the ACC on and off the field.  Mea culpa.

At the other extreme… whither Wake Forest?  Perhaps the ACC needs to put up some billboards.  At least do well in hoops, Demon Deacons.  C’mon.

Other questions:

  • Would you want your school to be like Duke (tops in one sport, last in another)?
  • Or do you want your school to be top 5 or 6 in both sports?
  • Where do you think Louisville, Syracuse, Notre Dame, and Pittsburgh will fit in?

Let us know what YOU think…

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7 thoughts on “Revenue Sports Decade in Review

  1. Well, if you weight football 80% and basketball 20%, you get a slightly different order:

    #1A FSU (10.8)
    #1B V T (10.8)
    #3 Clemson (8.8)
    #4 Miami (8.0)
    #5 G T (7.4)
    #6 B C (7.2)
    #7 UNC (7.0)
    #8 UVA (5.2)
    #9 WFU (3.8)
    #10 NC St (3.6)
    #11 Maryland (3.4)
    #12 Duke (3.2)

    From a conference value perspective, that might be a more accurate list (however, I’m not so sure Duke isn’t more valuable simply because you want 20% of your teams to be REALLY good at basketball)

    • Yeah, we could probably do a weighting that would factor in tiers–such that being an elite team in a sport has value that exceeds merely the finish. In theory, Miami football adds a lot more to the mix than their performance otherwise suggests.

  2. Bostonway on said:

    The key for the ACC is to do much better at winning OOC FB games, especially getting a couple wins vs the SEC each season. Plus, match the bowl success this past year. Do this 3-4 years in a row…the ACC will be in good shape!

    • jae1837 on said:

      ^——— This. Also, Duke is a national brand and taking into account its academic reputation; I would place the school a little higher. Yes I know that football is currently driving the bus monetary wise, but you never know what the future holds.

  3. Duke & North Carolina should be in the top 5 of importance to the ACC off of this list. I would also include Florida St, Virginia Tech & Clemson with them.

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