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Signs of Conference Realignment

If my recent vacation in Wildwood Crest, NJ is any indicator, then the world of Conference Realignment may not be over yet.


For decades, the streets of Wildwood have been predicting Atlantic Coast Conference expansion:





Of the seven teams that have joined the ACC since 2003, its pretty remarkable that the four named after cities (sorry Boston College you don’t count) are also streets in Wildwood Crest.

So, based on the predictive ability of these street signs, what schools can the ACC expect to join in the future? Here are the actual names of streets immediately surrounding the ones pictured above:

  • Denver Ave- Possible future lacrosse addition
  • Hollywood Ave – If the ACC goes to the Pacific, there’s no bigger city to try and capture than in LA
  • Topeka Ave – Kansas Jayhawks could join the rest of the Basketball Bluebloods in the ACC making it the Most.Dominant Conference.Ever.
  • Charleston Ave – It’s hard to imagine that the Gamecocks would leave the SEC, but who can second-guess the power of the signs?
  • Toledo Ave – sorry Cincinnati.

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4 thoughts on “Signs of Conference Realignment

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  2. You’ve got it all wrong… Charleston Ave. doesn’t refer to the SC Gamecocks at all… it refers to the College of Charleston, known for basketball & baseball…

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