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The New Era for Syracuse Begins!

The new birthday of Syracuse Athletics has arrived!  After a decade of uncertainty today is the day all Orange fans have been waiting for.  It started out over a decade ago when the Orange were passed over for Virginia Tech.  Today all is finally stable for Syracuse from a conference perspective for the first time since the first Swofford raid of the Big East.  I always thought Syracuse was a perfect fit for the ACC and all Orange fans are thrilled to see this day arrive.  Coming off a great overall athletic year, the Orange is ready for even better overall competition in all sports.   Time to start scheduling road trips to new venues with old college friends and the kids.  Today is truly a new beginning for Syracuse sports fans and current and future athletes.

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10 thoughts on “The New Era for Syracuse Begins!

  1. Welcome aboard!

  2. Congrats to Syracuse, Pitt & Notre Dame. Can’t wait till it’s the Cards turn! We are going to miss you guys this season.

  3. This is the right spot for athletics and academics for Syracuse. I was not a fan of AD Daryl Gross at first because of how he dismissed Paul Pasqualoni and hired Greg Robinson. However, his committment to the Olympic Sports is awesome as he has truly made Syracuse’s overall athletic program into a well-rounded one. Perfect place and didn’t get left without a seat at the big boy table!

    • M. Caffrey on said:

      meh. The firing of Pasqualoni was overdue, and the hiring of GRob was an honest mistake. The guy had an extensive football background and an accomplished resume. How was anyone to know that he was mentally challenged?

      • Bostonway on said:

        It was just surprising (and sad) how much of a disaster GRob was for SU! The only bright-spot I can recall was beating ND during GRob’s last year.

  4. Welcome to the ACC! Never could figure out why we didn’t take Syracuse instead of BC the first time around, but that’s rectified now.

    • Bostonway on said:

      Nice of you to say so! As an SU alum, I’m very pleased to be in the ACC!

  5. M. Caffrey on said:

    It’s a good day to be a ‘Cuse fan. I’ve wanted to be a part of the ACC for over a decade now; it’s a perfect fit for basketball, football, and lacrosse competition as well as the right fit geographically. A lot of SU alumni wind up relocating throughout the eastern seaboard so it only makes sense that Syracuse regularly play throughout that part of the country.

  6. Bostonway on said:

    A great day for Syracuse! The ACC is a super conference (in many ways)! Sure we will miss some of the traditional games (BB and FB), but the ACC teams that SU will play are top-notch.


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