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ACC Bowl Projections: 11-teams

The Confidential has been saying for weeks now that the ACC had a great chance of getting 11 bowl-eligible teams and detailed the scenarios needed to make it happen. I’m very proud to report that the scenarios we projected occurred almost exactly to plan.

The good news is that, thanks to Syracuse’s win over Boston College to close out their regular season, the Orange are now 6-6 and are bowl eligible for the second consecutive year. Furthermore, the ACC can now boast that they have 11 teams that are eligible for post-season play. That’s a record for the Conference and matches the SEC’s best.

The bad news is that thanks to Clemson’s complete meltdown on National TV against their in-state rivals, the ACC is likely to only have 1 representative in the BCS. Granted that one representative will likely be Florida State in the National Championship Game, but losing out on a 2nd BCS team not only means lost revenue (approx. $18M) but also makes it more difficult to find bowl sites for the remaining 9 bowl eligible teams.

Worst of all, that means that there is a good chance that at least one bowl-eligible team from a Power Conference will not be invited to a bowl game this year. Currently Syracuse, Pittsburgh, and North Carolina are all on the bubble.


Until the Conference Championship Games are played-out, and the final BCS standings are released, it is very much a crap-shoot trying to figure out who will play where.

However, the following are some Bowl Projections that may occur in order to get all 11 bowl eligible ACC teams into post season play:

Bowl Eligible:

  • Florida State (12-0)
  • Duke (10-2)
  • Clemson (10-2)
  • Miami (9-3)
  • Virginia Tech (8-4)
  • Georgia Tech (7-5)
  • Boston College (7-5)
  • Maryland (7-5)
  • North Carolina (6-6)
  • Pittsburgh (6-6)
  • Syracuse (6-6)


  • Wake Forest (4-8)
  • North Carolina St. (3-9)
  • Virginia (2-10)

Bowl Projections:

  1. BCS Title Game (Pasadena, CA) – Florida State vs. Oho State
  2. Chick-fil-A Bowl (Atlanta, GA) – Duke vs. Georgia
  3. Russell Athletic Bowl (Orlando, FL) – Miami vs. Louisville
  4. Hyundai Sun Bowl (El Paso, TX) – Clemson vs. UCLA
  5. Belk Bowl (Charlotte, NC) – Virginia Tech vs. Cincinnati
  6. Music City Bowl (Nashville, TN) – Georgia Tech vs. Vanderbilt
  7. AdvoCare V100 Bowl (Shreveport, LA) – North Carolina vs. Washington State (from SEC)
  8. Military Bowl (Annapolis, MD) – Maryland vs. Middle Tennessee
  9. Texas Bowl (Houston, TX) – Boston College (From Big XII) vs. Michigan
  10. Beef O’ Brady’s (St. Pete’s, FL) – Pittsburgh (from American) vs. North Texas
  11. Little Caesar’s Pizza Bowl (Detroit, MI) – Syracuse (from B1G) vs. Bowling Green

Pinstripe Bowl (New York, NY) – Notre Dame (from Big XII) vs. Rutgers
Russell Athletic Bowl (Orlando, FL) – Louisville (American Athletic Conf.) vs. Miami

Week 11 Projections
Week 12 Projections
Week 13 Projections

UPDATE: A full list of the projected bowl games:

PER TEAM PAY-OUT TV (as of 6/8/13)
New Mexico 12/21/2013 MWC #4 San Diego State
Albuquerque, NM 2:00pm vs. vs.
$456,250 ESPN PAC-12 #7 Arizona
Las Vegas Bowl 12/21/2013 MWC #1 Fresno State
Las Vegas, NV 3:30pm vs. vs.
$1,100,000 ABC PAC-12 #5 USC
Famous Idaho Potato 12/21/2013 MWC #6 Colorado State
Boise, ID 5:30pm vs. vs.
$325,000 ESPN MAC #3 Buffalo
New Orleans 12/21/2013 Sun Belt #1 Louisiana-Lafayette (8-3)
New Orleans, LA 9:00pm vs. vs.
$500,000 ESPN CUSA #7 Tulane
Beef ‘O’ Brady’s 12/23/2013 American #6 Pittsburgh (at large)
St. Petersburg, FL 2:00pm vs. vs.
$537,500 ESPN CUSA #5 North Texas
Hawai’i 12/24/2013 *-Hawaii or MWC #5 San Jose State
Honolulu, HI 8:00pm vs. vs.
$650,000 ESPN CUSA #2 Rice
Little Caesars Pizza 12/26/2013 MAC #2 Bowling Green
Detroit, MI 6:00pm vs. vs.
$750,000 ESPN Big 10 #8 Syracuse (at large)
Poinsettia 12/26/2013 MWC #2 Utah State
San Diego, CA 9:30pm vs. vs.
$500,000 ESPN *-Army Oregon State (at large)
Military Bowl 12/27/2013 ACC #8 Maryland
Washington, DC 2:30pm vs. vs.
$1,000,000 ESPN CUSA #6 or MAC Middle Tennesse
Texas-(1) 12/27/2013 Big 10 #6 Michigan
Houston, TX 6:00pm vs. vs.
$1,700,000 ESPN Big 12 #6 Boston College (at large)
Fight Hunger Bowl-(3) 12/27/2013 PAC-12 #6 UCLA
San Francisco, CA 9:30pm vs. vs.
$837,500 ESPN *-BYU or ACC #9 BYU (8-4)
Pinstripe 12/28/2013 American #4 Houston
Bronx, NY 12:15pm vs. vs.
$1,800,000 ESPN Big 12 #7 Notre Dame (at large)
Belk 12/28/2013 American #3 Cincinnati
Charlotte, NC 3:20pm vs. vs.
$1,700,000 ESPN ACC #5 Virginia Tech
Russell Athletic 12/28/2013 American #2 Louisville
Orlando, FL 6:45pm vs. vs.
$2,275,000 ESPN ACC #3 Miami
Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl 12/28/2013 Big 12 #4 Kansas St.
Tempe, AZ 10:15pm vs. vs.
$3,325,000 ESPN Big 10 #5 Minnesota
Armed Forces 12/30/2013 MWC #3 Boise St.
Ft. Worth, TX 11:45am vs. vs.
$600,000 ESPN *-Navy or CUSA #3 Navy (7-4)
Music City 12/30/2013 ACC #6 Georgia Tech
Nashville, TN 3:15pm vs. vs.
$1,862,500 ESPN SEC #7 Vanderbilt
Alamo 12/30/2013 Big 12 #3 Oklahoma
San Antonio, TX 6:45pm vs. vs.
$3,175,000 ESPN PAC-12 #2 Arizona State
Holiday 12/30/2013 Big 12 #5 Texas Tech
San Diego, CA 10:15pm vs. vs.
$2,075,000 ESPN PAC-12 #3 Oregon
AdvoCare V100 Bowl-(2) 12/31/2013 SEC #10 Washington State (at large)
Shreveport, LA 12:30pm vs. vs.
$1,150,000 ESPN ACC #7 North Carolina
Sun 12/31/2013 ACC #4 Clemson
El Paso, TX 2:00pm vs. vs.
$2,000,000 CBS PAC-12 #4 UCLA
Liberty 12/31/2013 SEC #8 or #9 Ole Miss
Memphis, TN 4:00pm vs. vs.
$1,437,500 ESPN CUSA #1 Marshall
Chick-fil-A 12/31/2013 ACC #2 Duke
Atlanta, GA 8:00pm vs. vs.
$3,967,500 ACC; $2,932,500 SEC ESPN SEC #5 Georgia
Heart Of Dallas 1/1/2014 CUSA #4 East Carolina
Dallas, TX 12:00pm vs. vs.
$1,100,000 ESPN-U Big 10 #7 UNLV (at large)
Gator 1/1/2014 Big 10 #4 Nebraska
Jacksonville, FL 12:00pm vs. vs.
$2,725,000 ESPN-2 SEC #6 Texas A&M
Outback 1/1/2014 ^-SEC #3, or #4 South Carolina
Tampa, FL 1:00pm vs. vs.
$3,500,000 ABC Big 10 #3 Iowa
Capital One 1/1/2014 Big 10 #2 Wisconsin
Orlando, FL 1:00pm vs. vs.
$4,250,000 ESPN SEC #2 Missouri
Rose 1/1/2014 BCS (Big 10 tie-in) Michigan State
Pasadena, CA 5:10pm vs. vs.
$18,000,000 ESPN BCS (PAC-12 tie-in) Stanford
Fiesta 1/1/2014 BCS Northern Illinois
Glendale, AZ 8:30pm vs. vs.
$18,000,000 ESPN BCS (Big 12 tie-in) Oklahoma St.
Sugar 1/2/2014 BCS Baylor
New Orleans, LA 8:30pm vs. vs.
$18,000,000 ESPN BCS (SEC tie-in) Auburn
Cotton 1/3/2014 ^-SEC #3 or #4 LSU
Arlington, TX 8 :00pm vs. vs.
$3,625,000 Fox Big 12 #2 Texas
Orange 1/3/2014 BCS UCF
Miami, FL 8:30pm vs. vs.
$18,000,000 ESPN BCS (ACC tie-in) Alabama
BBVA Compass Bowl 1/4/2014 American #5 Rutgers
Birmingham, AL 1:00pm vs. vs.
$1,000,025 SEC; $900,000 AAC ESPN SEC #8 or #9 Mississippi State 1/5/2014 Sun Belt #2 Arkansas State
Mobile, AL 9:00pm vs. vs.
$750,000 ESPN MAC #1 Ball State
BCS Championship 1/6/2014 BCS #1 Florida State
Pasadena, CA 8:20pm vs. vs.
$22,000,000 ESPN BCS #2 Ohio State

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