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Looking forward to picking a hated team–i.e. Duke, UNC, or Syracuse–to flame out early in the Big Dance?  Looking to choose one of those teams to rebound from ACC Tournament losses in a deep March run?  Looking to back up your respect for Pitt and Virginia by selecting them?  Just want to show other ACC fans that you know more than anyone else about hoops?  Here you go…

In what is now an annual tradition, the Confidential will have another bracket contest in 2014.  We will give out a prize (at least one) to the winner!   The prize(s) will be announced later.  The more people that fill out brackets, the bigger the prize!

If you think you know basketball, and as a fan of the ACC you SHOULD know basketball, let’s see how well you can do against other fans of ACC schools.  Go here:

Oh, and good luck.  You’ll need it.

The Confidential’s latest Bracketology post.

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