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Here it is… our prediction of what happens in a few hours.  Don’t forget to join our bracket contest:

With Michigan State en route to upending Michigan (although there is still plenty of time), the Confidential is projecting the four No. 1 seeds as follows: Florida, Wichita State, Arizona, Virginia

The rest of our complete bracket:

The seeds:

  1. Florida #1
  2. Wichita State  #1
  3. Arizona #1
  4. Virginia #1
  5. Michigan #2
  6. Louisville #2
  7. Duke #2
  8. Kansas #2
  9. Villanova #3
  10. Wisconsin #3
  11. Syracuse #3
  12. Michigan State #3
  13. Iowa State  #4
  14. Creighton #4
  15. UCLA #4
  16. San Diego State #4

EAST: Virginia, Louisville, Villanova, UCLA

Looking forward to a former Big East matchup involving Louisville & Villanova

SOUTH: Florida, Duke, Wisconsin, Creighton

A clash in styles with Duke and Wisconsin.

MIDWEST: Wichita State, Michigan, Syracuse, Iowa State

Wichita State’s bracket is favorable–avoids Louisville and Michigan State.

WEST: Arizona, Kansas, Michigan State, San Diego State

Kansas and Michigan State will be a battle if the teams are healthy.

Subregionals (remember, committee can move seeds up or down one to prevent rematches, etc.)

Play-in Games:

#11 Nebraska v Colorado

#11 Dayton v SMU

#16: Albany v Coastal Carolina

#16: Cal Poly v Texas Southern


(1) Florida v (16) Wofford & (8) Pittsburgh v (9) Stanford

(3) Michigan State v (14) Mercer & (6) Gonzaga v (11) Dayton/SMU


(1) Virginia v (16) play-in & (8) George Washington v (9) Tennessee

(2) Duke v (15) American & (7) Baylor v (10) Saint Josephs


(3) Villanova v (14) Georgia State & (6) VCU v (11) Xavier

(3) Syracuse v (14) North Carolina Central & (6) Cincinnati v (11) UMass


(2) Michigan v (15) E. Kentucky & (7) Kentucky v (10) Arizona State

(3) Wisconsin v (14) W. Michigan & (6) UConn v (11) Nebraska/Colorado winner

St. Louis:

(1) Wichita State v (16) Play-in & (8) Memphis v (9) Texas

(2) Louisville v (15) Milwaukee & (7) Oklahoma State v (10) Tulsa

San Antonio:

(2) Kansas v (15) Weber State & (7) Oregon v (10) Iowa

(4) Iowa State v (14) Delaware & (5) New Mexico v (12) Providence


(4) San Diego State v (13) New Mexico State & (5) North Carolina v (12) Harvard

(4) Creighton v (13) S.A. Austin & (5) Ohio State v (12) North Dakota State

San Diego State:

(1) Arizona v (16) Mt. St. Mary’s & (8) St. Louis v (9) Kansas State

(4) UCLA v (13) Manhattan & (5) Oklahoma v (12) Brigham Young

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  1. This is a far better bracket than that of the selection commitee. Its obvious they seeded for tv matchups this year. Their bracket this year is illogical & the chairman couldnt defend it in his interviews.

    • Actually, some of it makes sense. The Committee was not buying the American as a conference at all. That was clear. It sucks for Louisville, but it does raise an issue about Jurich. Poor scheduling hurt his football team and basketball team. Needs to take more chances with OOC scheduling across the board–especially knowing the American would be diluted from a basketball standpoint.

      Further, stacking Wichita State’s bracket with names is fair. If Wichita State’s road to the Final Four was Villanova, Iowa State, and Creighton, they would be a 38-0 that nobody would believe in. Now, if WIchita State makes the FF, they will be legit and a real story.

      It’s all good.

      • M. Caffrey on said:

        I also love the potential rematch of Wichita St. and L’Ville from last year’s Final Four.

      • I wasnt just refering to just Louisvilles low seed or the disrespect of the American. UMass being over seeded, Colrado being in at all & Kentucky being under seeded are other examples.

        In Louisvilles case their resume is similar to Virg & Wichita St but without the horrible losses that Virg has. The logic that makes them a 1 seed also makes the Cards a 2 or 3. The schedule should have been better but it was a transition year between conferences & no one predicted a 100+ drop off between the Americans 5 & 6 teams. The top 5 in the American is as good as anybodies. UConn is the last team to be #1 overall Florida. Now the Cards could have taken it out of the commites hands by winning against NC and/or Ky & SMU should have beaten Houston in the tourney. SMU is one of the top 30 teams in the country tough, can you say that about all other at large teams? No.

        Im ok with Wichita getting a tough road, they have maybe 3 wins vs the top 50 with St Louis as their best win. Three teams from last years final 4 are in the midwest region, they did that for tv matchups. I dont agree with Louisvilles seed but i like their draw. The sweet 16 is a near lock & the team that worries me the most is Kentucky because of their size. Its not a bad road to the Final 4 despite it being the toughest region.

        The top of the American was better than the new Big East & Villanova is a 2, i dont buy that. Creighton is a one man team essentially & the same for Okl St.

  2. Got the #1 seeds right.

    Got Pitt in the 8/9 game against Florida right

    Got one of the 16th seed play-in games right

    Got the San Diego State v NM State game exactly right

    Otherwise? Yikes.

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