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ACC Fantasy Football: Week 12 Recap!

Thanks to all those who continue to participate in our weekly fantasy football league!  It is a free game.  There is a prize on a season-long basis.  The rules are here.   Feel free to enter the season-long game.  These are the results from Week 12–individual team results are located here in the comments section.  In any event, here is the week 12 recap:

As always, this is done by hand so the potential for error is there.  It is final in 48 hours.


With 9 entries, 4 teams get wins (bold), 4 teams get losses, and 1 team gets a tie (italic):

MSU = 131.5 pts

Brian = 129.5 pts

Chrislords = 126.5 pts

Commander = 122.5 pts

ACwolfpacker = 114.4 pts

LD = 102.0 pts

Josh V = 101.3 pts

HHuntley = 90.9 pts

Lenville = 80.6 points



  1. Commander 8-4; MSU Bulldog 8-4 (16 pts)
  2. Accwolfpacker  7-3-2 (16 pts)
  3. LenvilleCards 6-4-2 (14 pts)
  4. LD 6-6  (12 pts)
  5. Brian 4-6-2 (10 pts)
  6. HHuntley17   4-7-1 (9 pts)
  7. Chrislords  4-8 (8 pts)
  8. Josh V  2-6-4 (8 pts)

Wow… three way tie for first place right now!   And Commander/MSU edged ahead of ACCWolfpacker… the first time in a long time that there is a new #1.  As a reminder, here are the tiebreakers:

The team with the best record after the week of November 28th is the winner.  If there are ties, they will be resolved by which team had the most wins.  Next, the team with the better record head-to-head all season.  If there is still a tie, most points on the season.  Beyond that, the prize is just split.  The Confidential does not flip coins or penalty kicks or any other lame tiebreakers.

GREAT JOB BY EVERYONE!   On to Week 13….

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