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ACC Baseball Tourney

The pools and games have been set for this years ACC Baseball Tournament.  With North Carolina being the top ranked team in the country almost the entire year and the ACC #1 conference RPI, this should be a very exciting tourney.

Pool A                                           Pool B
#1 North Carolina                     #2 Florida St
#4 NC State                                #3 Virginia
#5 Clemson                                #6 Virginia Tech
#8 Miami                                    #7 Georgia

Each team will play each other in their pool Here’s a look at the tournament schedule:

Wednesday     Thursday      Friday         Saturday           Sunday
#7 G Tech       #3 Virg         #4 NC St     #2 Fla St           Champion-
#2 Fla St          #7 G Tech    #8 Miami   #3 Virg                   ship
11am          Games                                       1pm
#6 V Tech      #8 Miami      #7 G Tech   #8 Miami
#3 Virg           #1 N Car        #6 V Tech   #5 Clemson
3pm            Games
#5 Clemson   #2 Fla St       #1 N Car       #1 N Car
#4 NC St        #6 V Tech    #5 Clemson  #4 NC St
7pm              Games

There’s no denying the depth of the ACC this year and that makes predicting a champion difficult but I will look into my cracked and clouded crystal ball and select the Seminoles as the champion. Sorry Tar Heels but anything can happen and the Wolf Pack are in the same pool. I can see either of you knocking the other out of the tournament. What are your thoughts and predictions?

The Big East tournament is a double elimination set-up so the only set games are in the first round. Games of interest are: #1 Louisville vs #8 UConn at 5pm, #2 Pittsburgh vs #7 St Johns at 10am and #3 Seton Hall vs #6 Notre Dame at 1pm all on Wednesday.

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6 thoughts on “ACC Baseball Tourney

  1. Pitt, ND, Louisville… and all these teams too? Pretty cool. A lot of baseball talent. It would be nice to see Syracuse recreate a team too

  2. The divisions will actually be even without Syracuse fielding a team.

  3. I actually work for the team that’s hosting this (which explains why my posts are pretty infrequent- minor league baseball is nuts!). It should be a lot of fun though haha

    • Durham is having a great season so far. Our Bats not so much, they’re at .500 .

      • Yeah…we’ve had a pretty rough May, but we’re definitely looking to put that past us. I’m looking forward to playing the Bats next month though. For some reason playing a team from an ACC town makes it that much better!

  4. Louisville 16 game win streak ends as the lose 2 straight and is eliminated from the BE tourney. Pitt & Notre Dame will square off Saturday in the semi-finals, Pitt will need to win 2 to make the finals ND needs just 1.

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