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Detroit Lions adding a new bowl; ACC in the mix

It looks like the Big Ten Conference may finally get North Carolina and Virginia after all… but not as conference mates.

A few weeks back, The Confidential reviewed the future ACC bowl lineup. With four more teams entering the league, it was believed that the league might increase its bowl affiliations to nine or 10.

Brett McMurphy of ESPN is reporting that the Detroit Lions are looking to replace the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl after this season and operate a new bowl game at Ford Field starting in 2014.

The bowl will still feature a team from the Big Ten, but is expected to have an opponent from the ACC.


Although it’s not St. Louis or Indianapolis (as a brilliant commenter had originally suggested) it is still a good move for the ACC. It provides yet another opportunity for postseason play for the expanded conference and it allows the ACC to match-up against their chief conference realignment rival, B1G.

Although it’s yet to be determined what selection from each conference will be taken by the proposed bowl, this could be a suitable landing spot for teams with regional appeal like Pittsburgh, Louisville, Notre Dame, and Syracuse since fans can drive to the game in just a few hours.

But should a southern team like Miami, Georgia Tech, FSU, or Clemson be selected, the game will be a in dome and not provide an advantage to a mid-western team that has more experience playing in the snow/ice.

What do you think? Do you like the idea of the ACC in this new bowl? Leave your comments below.

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3 thoughts on “Detroit Lions adding a new bowl; ACC in the mix

  1. I think most Louisville fans would prefer to fly south for the winter but would love an opportunity to beat up on a B1G team wherever. Also i’ve read and heard reports of the ACC trying to get MSG for the basketball tourney, that would be awesome.

  2. Having mastered running a professional football franchise, one can understand why the Lions got bored and decided to dabble in Bowl games.

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