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Coach K will go for Gold, again

I want to win this many golds!

The news over the weekend was that Coach Blue Devils Head Coach, Mike Kryzewski’s was considering a return as the USA Men’s Basketball coach.

At first, all signs indicated that Coach K was ready to pack-up his 2 gold medals and move on, and that the USA basketball chairman Jerry Colangelo was planning to name a new coach.

But something changed in recent weeks, and now it is widely being reported that Coach Kryzewski will return as the USA Men’s Head Coach when they travel to Rio in 2016.  


Obviously the biggest question on everyone’s mind is, how exactly did Colangelo get Coach K to change his mind?

There are a few theories:

1) Jerry Colangelo stood below Coach K’s window in the pouring rain with a boombox over his head playing songs by Kara DioGuardi…

2) Coach K heard that Team USA was interested in Tom Izzo…

3) Jerry Colangelo asked Jim Boeheim if he would tell Coach K that the Chairman “liked” the job Coach K did and see if he “like-liked” being the Coach….

4) The price of gold is down and Coach K wants to stock up while he can…

5) or, the Confidential’s recent article put everything in perspective for Coach K:

Look, let’s not say that these are dirty old men.  But if they don’t want the chance to go to Rio for the 2016 Summer Olympics, they might as well have someone pull the plug.  That’s a pretty great destination.

What do think was the reason(s) Coach K changed his mind? Leave your comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Coach K will go for Gold, again

  1. I don’t know why he changed his mind but i’m available to be some sort of assistant, with Rio being such a horrible place i’m sure assistants will be hard to find.

    • M. Caffrey on said:

      I’m sure at the very least he’ll take Boeheim since he is an expert at digging for gold.

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