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College Fantasy Football: A Look at the Top ACC Quarterbacks

On Monday, the Confidential kicked off the countdown to, well, kick-off, with the announcement that we will be sponsoring free fantasy football leagues.  As we begin to head towards the season opener, we will take a look at the ACC’s top playmakers–ergo, the top fantasy football studs–for 2013.  Today, we will begin with the quarterbacks.

And, remember, we are including all of the ACC-affiliated teams, so this means Notre Dame, Maryland, and Louisville are part of the analysis.  Without further adieu, here are the top 5 ACC QBs for fantasy football for 2013:

  1. Teddy Bridgewater, Louisville.  Sure, Louisville has a lame duck season in the Big East to trudge through before officially joining the ACC.  But Mr. Bridgewater and company are primed for a potential run to the national championship.  All Bridgewater did last year was through for 3,700 yards.  He even led the Cards to a BCS bowl win over Florida.  Anything less than a repeat of that will be a disappointment.
  2. Tajh Boyd, Clemson.  Boyd’s numbers in 2012 were just as impressive as Bridgewater’s, if not better.  But Clemson’s schedule is significantly tougher than Louisville’s.  So that means more opportunities for good defenses to chip away at his statistics.  Really, this is a 1A, 1B scenario that could go either way.  The nod to Bridgewater was by the narrowest of margins.
  3. Bryn Renner, North Carolina.  North Carolina was not eligible for the post-season, but they did go 8-4 last year behind Renner.  Renner passed for 3,300 yards and has some playmakers to work with.
  4. Logan Thomas, Virginia Tech.  Thomas took a step backwards last year, but he has all the tools to be a successful quarterback.  He has #3 upside on this list.
  5. Stephen Morris, Miami.  This would have been reserved for Notre Dame QB Everett Golson, but he ran into academic issues.  Morris gets the edge over the field based on his experience.

What do you think?  Bridgewater v Boyd?  Renner v Thomas?  Morris v. Field?

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5 thoughts on “College Fantasy Football: A Look at the Top ACC Quarterbacks

  1. Obviously I like Bridgewater. The soft schedule will keep him from going up against the top defenses, the toughest being UConn, Cincy & kentucky. He has the mobility to get himself out of trouble, by time for his receivers & he has added more strength during the offseason to fight off sacks. Plus no matter where he throws the ball he is throwing to a quality receiver. Parker is a huge TD threat, Quick was a top 10 in the 2013 class & the transfer Christianson was a 4 star TE to name just a few. He’s potentially the #1 draft pick in the upcoming NFL draft.

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