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College Fantasy Football: A Look at the Top ACC Wide Receivers

The Confidential previously announced that it will be sponsoring free fantasy football leagues.  As we begin to head towards the season opener, we will take a look at the ACC’s top playmakers–ergo, the top fantasy football studs–for 2013.  The first analysis was quarterbacks.  Then we did the running backs.  Today, we will look at the wide receivers.

And, remember, we are including all of the ACC-affiliated teams, so this means Notre Dame, Maryland, and Louisville are part of the analysis.  Without further adieu, here are the top 10 ACC WR’s for fantasy football for 2013:

  1. Sammy Watkins, Clemson.  After an 82-catch, 1219 yard season in 2011, Watkins put up some pretty pedestrian numbers in 2012.  Sure, he was suspended for two games and missed a third.  That explains the mere 57 receptions.  It is the 708 yards (a drop from 14.9 per catch to 12.4 per catch) and only 3 touchdowns that has us concerned.  Still, Watkins is a stud and he is playing for a high draft spot.  A quieter offseason (so far) should help significantly.  You can make a case for others up here, but the smart money is on Watkins.
  2. Alex Amidon, Boston College.  Amidon tailed off the last two games, but otherwise put up outstanding numbers for a team that was not very outstanding at all.  78 catches for 1201 yards (15.5 average) and 7 touchdowns for a team that did not score all that much all season.  Should get off to a good start against Villanova too.
  3. Michael Campanaro, Wake Forest.  There may be flashier guys in the league, but Campanaro has done it two years in a row.  Back-to-back 70+ catch seasons.  His touchdowns climbed last year to 6 (from only 2) in 2011.  In order to justify a higher spot, he is going to have to get 10 touchdowns.
  4. DaVante Parker, Louisville.  Several guys put up better numbers last year, but you have Teddy Bridgewater’s main threat competing in a watered down “American.”  And his numbers were fine… only 40 catches, but those 744 yards (18.6 average) and 10 touchdowns look awfully nice.  Do not let him drop too far.
  5. Philip Dorsett, Miami.  Let’s be clear.  Dorsett disappeared for a crucial four-game stretch last year that should have him lower on this list.  In games against Florida State, Notre Dame, North Carolina, and Virginia Tech, Dorsett had 8 catches for 81 yards.  In the two games on either side of that four-game stretch, he had 34 catches for 589 yards!  We are betting (not literally, of course) on more of the latter… just call it a hunch.
  6. Devin Street, Pitt.  The 73 catches was nice in 2012.  The yardage was a bit subpar though, with only 975 (13.4 yards).  He had outstanding games against two of the Big East’s best teams (Syracuse, Louisville), which suggests that the move to the ACC will not be an issue.
  7. Quinshod Davis, North Carolina.  The pessimist would point to the fact that Davis had 23 catches the first 8 games last year.  The optimist is going to emphasize those last four games: 38 catches for 484 yards.  With North Carolina primed for the next step, keep an eye out for Davis.
  8. Radhad Greene, Florida State.  Greene has a ton of talent, but the consistency is a concern.  In 2012, he had three games with one reception and two more with only two.  The talent is there, will the performance take another step this year?  Will a new quarterback stunt that learning curve?  Legitimate questions.
  9. Jamison Crowder, Duke.  Crowder had a great, albeit underrated, season last year with 76 catches, 1074 yards (14.1 avg) and 8 touchdowns.  However, his consistency is a concern as he had three games last year with less than 20 yards receiving and another two in the 40’s.  And that was with Conner Vernon drawing attention away from him.
  10. Stefon Diggs, Maryland.  Diggs had a very nice 2012, especially given the absence of a consistent QB (or even a true QB playing the position by the end of the year).  At the same time, the first four games last year, he had exactly three catches.  In fact, a lot of his damage came in bunches–games against Wake Forest, West Virginia, and Boston College (19 catches for 370 yards).  Is he capable of rising to the occasion against the big boys in the ACC?

What do you think?  Did we (gasp) miss anyone?  Would your rankings differ?  Let us know.

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