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It is a Sunday in July.  Basketball is a distant memory.  Baseball and lacrosse are over.  The Grant of Rights has expansion talk limited to the Big 10 imperialists.  Football is close, but perhaps not close enough.  So let’s change that with a poll.   Who do you think is winning the ACC this year?  Schools are shown randomly.  Do not forget to comment below as to why someone is going to win…

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8 thoughts on “Sunday Poll

  1. How can it not be Clemson? Too much talent and experience. If they can just put together a top 20 defense…

  2. M. Caffrey on said:

    I’m going with UNC…if only because it will royally piss off the B1G that one of their highly-coveted conference realignment targets finds success in the ACC.

  3. Swardy on said:

    Boston College doesn’t even get a spot on the ballot?

  4. Wow Notre Dame which isn’t even a member of the ACC for football is listed but BC is not. smh. Not that I believe that BC has any chance of winning the ACC this year but c’mon man! Also, Louisville doesn’t come into the ACC until next year. Stupid poll…

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  6. No votes for Maryland. Sad trombone…

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