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The Football Over-Unders for 2015: Wake Forest

This article is another in a series of articles in which the Confidential opines regarding the over/under for football wins in 2015.  We’ll take a cursory look at the schedule and determine what we think is the point where folks will struggle to select “over” or “under.”  We hope people will share their comments as to “why” they are going over/under.  If you disagree with our over/under choice, of course, feel free to let us know too.  The next team up: Wake Forest.  We are going with an over/under of 3.5 regular season wins.

  1. September 3 vs. Elon
  2. September 12 @ Syracuse
  3. September 19 @Army
  4. September 26 vs. Indiana
  5. October 3 vs. Florida State
  6. October 10 @ Boston College
  7. October 17 @ North Carolina
  8. October 24 vs. North Carolina State
  9. October 30 vs. Louisville
  10. November 14 @ Notre Dame
  11. November 21 @ Clemson
  12. November 28 vs. Duke

Likely wins: Elon, Army, Indiana

Likely losses: @ Notre Dame, @ Clemson, Florida State, Louisville

Summary: Wake Forest walks into the season with two or three likely wins and at least four likely losses.  That leaves five toss-up games: @ Syracuse, @ Boston College, @ North Carolina, vs. North Carolina State, and vs. Duke.  Would it shock you to see Wake Forest lose all of those games?  Not really.  The Demon Deacons have a ways to go.  It is nice that they get to play all of the North Carolina schools this year though.  The Confidential goes with an over-under of 3.5 wins.

What do you think?  Over or under?  Let us know.

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New Wake Forest Demon Deacons Page

The Confidential is going to create a quick summary page for each ACC school, with important links.  Today’s is Wake Forest.  It may be found here.

If you have a Wake Forest blog and would like to have reciprocal links, send us a direct message on Twitter or comment on this page.

The ACC School Mount Rushmores: Wake Forest FINAL

Update: The Confidential has given time for comments and is ready to finalize the Wake Forest Mount Rushmore.

Having reviewed the few comments, the Confidential is stick with its original threesome of Tim Duncan, Arnold Palmer, and Billy Packer.  The fourth person on the list will be Chris Paul.  Paul was Mr. Basketball in North Carolina before heading to Wake Forest.  While at Wake Forest, Paul led the Demon Deacons to a #1 ranking during the season.  A few months ago his #3 jersey was retired.  Since graduation, Paul has had a successful NBA career, including six all-star game appearances.

The final verdict: Tim Duncan, Arnold Palmer, Billy Packer, and Chris Paul.  Continue to the original article…

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The ACC School Mount Rushmores: Wake Forest

The Confidential has been having some fun with league-wide coaches Mount Rushmores.  Football and Basketball, plus polls for each of football and basketball to share your thoughts.  In fact, it was so sufficiently fun and controversial that we are going to do school-wide Mount Rushmores now.  And we will only put three people on the list, leaving you–our readers–to comment as to who should be the fourth.  We will not do polls anymore.  For today, let’s go with the school that has fallen on hard times lately: Wake Forest.

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