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Capital One Cupdate – Unofficial Final Standings – UPDATED

Update: Capital One Cup has confirmed that UCLA is the Men’s Winner. See below for the revised final standings.

The College World Series of Baseball is over, and as every good Big Ten fan knows that can only mean one thing: time to hand out the Capital One Cup honors, which is the most important way of measuring a Conference’s success, behind of course how much revenue that conference distributes to its teams.

The official results have not yet come out, however based on the final rankings of College Baseball, we can extrapolate who the winner will be.

So unless there are some other Division 1 National Championships yet to be determined, or unless Professor Dumbledore can hand out special points at the final Capital One Cup banquet, it’s time to crown the winner.

It’s important to note that going into the CWS, the hands on-favorite to win the Capital One Cup was a team that was currently in the top-10 and still in the College World of Series final brackets; namely the Indiana Hoosiers who were tied for 5th place with 76 points and only needed a top-5 final ranking to finish on top of the COC final standings (seriously, the acronym for Capital One Cup is “COC”). So, without further adieu… Read more…

Detroit Lions adding a new bowl; ACC in the mix

It looks like the Big Ten Conference may finally get North Carolina and Virginia after all… but not as conference mates.

A few weeks back, The Confidential reviewed the future ACC bowl lineup. With four more teams entering the league, it was believed that the league might increase its bowl affiliations to nine or 10.

Brett McMurphy of ESPN is reporting that the Detroit Lions are looking to replace the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl after this season and operate a new bowl game at Ford Field starting in 2014.

The bowl will still feature a team from the Big Ten, but is expected to have an opponent from the ACC.

Read more…

Men’s L-ACC-rosse: Duke beats ND, advances to Final Four

Image Regardless if you are a Duke fan, or a Notre Dame fan, Lacrosse fans in general were treated to a fantastic quarterfinal game that embodied what men’s lacrosse truly should be.

It was a physical game with countless hard hits, plenty of scores on both sides to keep the game tight, and an incredible effort right down to the final ticks of the clock. There is no love lost between this growing rivalry and Notre Dame was looking to avenge being knocked out of the tournament by Duke in 2 of the last 3 years. Read more…

Big Ten Expansion, ACC Contraction?

The dominoes have been falling steadily.  Part of me just wishes the dominoes would go ahead and fall so we can be done with the madness.  It looks like another domino will fall soon.

It depends what you want to believe, but where there is smoke, there is fire. The big realignment pundits are all over this, including Frank the Tank. He paints a fairly pessimistic picture, basically saying “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

I think any departing ACC school would be a fool to announce before the Maryland suit settles, but the ACC looks anything but stable at this point. Could the Big Ten ruin the ACC?

Update: from a man who is a caricature of himself, self-endowed as “the Dude,” a title only reserved for the real Lebowski.  I digress.  Here’s what he said:

As Allen alluded to in his comments, many of these rumors are likely just that.  However, there have been enough of these rumors that something is bound to stick eventually.  Assuming UNC were to leap to the Big 10, where do you see the other ACC schools going?

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