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ACC Attendance by the numbers

An interesting point was made by acaffrey in the comments section of his recent article regarding potential division realignment in the ACC and the ramifications of moving to a schedule with 10 conference games.

The schools that pack their stadiums need 6 or 7 home games a year.

Coincidentally, I started compiling the attendance data for ACC home games just before the end of the regular season but never got around to completing a full post. So, it was a good reminder and a perfect opportunity to look deeper at which schools can boast the best attendance. Read more…

ACC Bowl Projections: 11-teams

The Confidential has been saying for weeks now that the ACC had a great chance of getting 11 bowl-eligible teams and detailed the scenarios needed to make it happen. I’m very proud to report that the scenarios we projected occurred almost exactly to plan.

The good news is that, thanks to Syracuse’s win over Boston College to close out their regular season, the Orange are now 6-6 and are bowl eligible for the second consecutive year. Furthermore, the ACC can now boast that they have 11 teams that are eligible for post-season play. That’s a record for the Conference and matches the SEC’s best.

The bad news is that thanks to Clemson’s complete meltdown on National TV against their in-state rivals, the ACC is likely to only have 1 representative in the BCS. Granted that one representative will likely be Florida State in the National Championship Game, but losing out on a 2nd BCS team not only means lost revenue (approx. $18M) but also makes it more difficult to find bowl sites for the remaining 9 bowl eligible teams.

Worst of all, that means that there is a good chance that at least one bowl-eligible team from a Power Conference will not be invited to a bowl game this year. Currently Syracuse, Pittsburgh, and North Carolina are all on the bubble. Read more…

ACC Bowl Picture: the Quest for 11 teams

Week 13 ended in the ACC and the bowl picture is one-step closer to being finalized. As this blog has been projecting for the past few weeks, the ACC is still on track to place 11 teams in post season play. Read more…

ACC Bowl Picture: A case for 11 teams (Part 2)

Last week, we looked at some of the scenarios that could play out to get 11 ACC teams in postseason play. And so far, the plan is coming to fruition.

With week 12 in the books, two more teams have clinched bowl eligibility bringing the total number of teams that will go bowling up to 8, with three more that are still fighting for the requisite six wins. Read more…

ACC Bowl Picture: A case for 11 teams

With 3 weeks remaining in the regular season, the ACC bowl picture is starting to take shape. Six teams have already secured their positions in post season (Florida State, Clemson, Miami, Virginia Tech, Duke, and Georgia Tech).

Unfortunately for some, their hopes of post season play are gone (Virginia), while North Carolina St. and Wake Forest are not eliminated but have uphill challenges to get to eligibility.

For the rest of the conference however, there is still a lot of promise. In fact, depending on how things shake out down the stretch, the ACC could potentially send 11 teams Bowl Games.
Read more…

ACC Recap, Weekend of October 19, 2013

If you doubt whether ACC football can be huge, the moments prior to kickoff of Clemson-Florida State should quickly disabuse you of that.  What a great job by the Clemson athletic department and fans to make the scene truly memorable.  Unfortunately, Clemson did not follow through on the field.  But let’s take a look across the ACC.

Read more…

ACC Recap, Weekend of October 12, 2013

Well, another interesting week in the Atlantic Coast Conference comes and goes.  The team that needed to win the most to help the conference’s standing–Clemson–pulled off the win.  Narrowly.  But let’s take a look across the ACC.

Read more…

Tennessee-Va Tech @ Bristol Motor Speedway in 2016?

ESPN is reporting that Tennessee and Virginia Tech have agreed to a 2016 game at Bristol Motor Speedway.  The article notes that the game could draw as many as 160,000 fans.  It is about a 2-hour drive between both schools.  As you likely know, Tennessee’s stadium seats in excess of 100,000 fans, while Virginia Tech regularly breaks the 60,000 barrier.  So that estimate makes some sense.

This continues the spirit of playing games in strange places.  We have seen hockey games in baseball stadiums and football stadiums.  We have seen college football games in baseball stadiums.  We have seen college basketball games on aircraft carriers.  Why not play a football game in a race track?   All things consider, it sounds pretty cool.  Two programs with great fan bases get to enjoy a very meaningful game.  Also, these are two football programs that routinely play tough out-of-conference games too.

It will be interesting to see about the television rights though.  Will it go to the SEC, with their network?  Will it just be an ESPN game?  Will it be a home game for the ACC?  If there was an ACC Network, it could be simulcast on both an SEC Network and ACC Network.  But, alas, there is not.  And will not be in 2016.




Losing to Clemson/Florida State–Good for Your School?

An interesting thought crossed the Confidential’s mind yesterday.  Suppose your team is not a football factory.  There are several in the ACC–Syracuse, Wake Forest, Boston College, Pitt, NC State, Virginia, and Duke come to mind.  Some of those schools have done a great job upsetting Clemson and Florida State in recent years.  In the small picture, that is a great win for your team.  In the big picture, is it bad for your school?  Think about it.

Read more…

The ACC School Mount Rushmores: Virginia Tech FINAL

This was a tough one to finalize.  On the one hand, Michael Vick was an outstanding player–and an outstanding athlete.  On the other hand, has any player brought more negative attention to himself, criminally, short of murdering someone?  On yet one other hand, however, Michael Vick did his time, as they say.  And nobody has ever suffered a more severe punishment for animal abuse issues.  And then you have to factor in an absence of a true candidate for the fourth spot.  There are some decent athletes, but nobody with much real oomph.  So… despite his issues, the Confidential has to pick Michael Vick for the fourth spot.

The Final Virginia Tech Mount Rushmore:  Frank Beamer, Bruce Smith, Dell Curry, and Michael Vick.

The original article…

Read more…

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