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1,000th Blog Entry!

Hard to believe, but this is the Confidential’s 1,000th blog entry.  The ACC may not be perfect, but it is OUR conference.

Whether you are a Florida State fan that now knows just how possible it is for FSU to win national championships as an ACC football school… a fan of one of many ACC schools that sees the basketball season a disappointment if it is not a national championship… or a fan of one of the non-revenue sports, such as lacrosse or baseball… or just a proud alum… the ACC is our home. Well, at least until the imperialistic Big 10 carves us up and leaves us for dead… ha ha ha.

In any event, thank you to all the contributors and school correspondents over the years who added great content and promoted discussion/debate on ACC and broader issues.

A special thank you to M Caffrey who has been working on this blog with me, A Caffrey, since its inception.  He and I have many new ideas to eventually roll out while we continue to suffer as Syracuse fans and co-founders of this blog.

And a most special thank you to all the readers, followers, and commenters over the years.  While the Internet allows anyone to have a voice, it is nice to have our voices heard/appreciated and disagreed with/debated.  It is more fun to consider all sides of each issue that just our own.

Go ACC!  Go Confidential!

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3 thoughts on “1,000th Blog Entry!

  1. Congratulations, and may you guys stick around for at least 1,000 more!

    • Thanks Hokie Mark! We are due for another collaborative article one of these days…. go ACC!

      By the way, how is Va Tech looking? And are you entering our fantasy football leagues? If not, why not? Free!

    • I second that. The first 1000 was fun so lets try another 1000. Congrats to the Confidential.

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