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Louisville Football: The Over/Under

This article is the next in a series of articles in which the Confidential selects the over/under for football wins in 2014.  We’ll take a cursory look at the schedule and determine what we think is the point where folks will struggle to select “over” or “under.”  We hope people will share their comments as to “why” they are going over/under.  If you disagree with our over/under choice, of course, feel free to let us know too.  The twelfth team up: Louisville.  We are going with an over/under of 8.5.

Here is the Louisville schedule:

Date Location Opponent
Sept. 1 Home Miami
Sept. 6 Home Murray State
Sept. 13 Away Virginia
Sept. 20 Away Florida International
Sept. 27 Home Wake Forest
Oct. 3 Away Syracuse
Oct. 11 Away Clemson
Oct. 18 Home NC State
Oct. 30 Home Florida State
Nov. 8 Away Boston College
Nov. 22 Away Notre Dame
Nov. 29 Home Kentucky

Likely losses: Florida State, @ Clemson, @ Notre Dame

Likely wins: Murray State, @ Virginia, Florida Int’l, Wake Forest, NC State, Kentucky

Toss-ups: Miami, @ Syracuse, @ Boston College,

Welcome to the big leagues, Louisville.  A year after a weaker than baby deer schedule, Louisville gets welcomed into the ACC with games against Florida State, Notre Dame, Clemson, and Miami.  We assume that Louisville can protect the home field against all, except for Florida State and maybe Miami.  We also think that Clemson and Notre Dame are tough road games.  The good thing is that the ACC spaced out the games, without having a back-to-back with the four major opponents.  Can Louisville split BC and Syracuse?  Both?  What about Miami?  All three?  That’s the rub.  On the regular season front, we think an over/under of 8.5 wins is appropriate for the post-Strong, post-Bridgewater era.

What do you think?  Let us know on here or on Twitter @ acconfi.

Other over/unders: Wake Forest (4.5), Virginia (4.5), Notre Dame (8.5), Miami (7.5), NC State (5.5), North Carolina (6.5), Boston College (5.5), Virginia Tech (8.5), Duke (8.5), Georgia Tech (7.5), Pittsburgh (8.5), Louisville (8.5), Syracuse (TBA), Clemson (TBA), and Florida State (TBA)

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6 thoughts on “Louisville Football: The Over/Under

  1. Sounds about right. Again, that opening game vs Miami will be crucial & most likely set the tone for the season.

  2. How many other ACC teams are playing six road games?

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