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North Carolina Football: The Over/Under

This article is the next in a series of articles in which the Confidential selects the over/under for football wins in 2014.  We’ll take a cursory look at the schedule and determine what we think is the point where folks will struggle to select “over” or “under.”  We hope people will share their comments as to “why” they are going over/under.  If you disagree with our over/under choice, of course, feel free to let us know too.  The sixth team up: North Carolina.  We are going with an over/under of 6.5.

Here is the North Carolina schedule:

Sat, Aug 30 Liberty Chapel Hill, N.C. 6:00 PM ESPN3
Sat, Sep 06 San Diego State Chapel Hill, N.C. 8:00 PM ESPNews
Sat, Sep 20 East Carolina at Greenville, N.C. TBA
Sat, Sep 27 Clemson * at Clemson, S.C. TBA
Sat, Oct 04 Virginia Tech * Chapel Hill, N.C. TBA
Sat, Oct 11 Notre Dame at South Bend, Ind. TBA
Sat, Oct 18 Georgia Tech * Chapel Hill, N.C. TBA
Sat, Oct 25 Virginia * at Charlottesville, Va. TBA
Sat, Nov 01 Miami * at Miami Gardens, Fla. TBA
Sat, Nov 15 Pittsburgh * Chapel Hill, N.C. TBA
Thu, Nov 20 Duke * at Durham, N.C. TBA
Sat, Nov 29 NC State * Chapel Hill, N.C. TBA

Likely losses: Clemson, Notre Dame, Miami, Virginia Tech

Likely wins:  Liberty, San Diego State, East Carolina, NC State

Toss-ups: Georgia Tech, Virginia, Pitt, Duke

North Carolina is tough to read.  Other than Liberty, one could make the case for every game being a loss if the right circumstances happen.  On the other hand, every game could be a win also.  Just a wide open slate.  We have to figure they will lose at least 4 games though, while winning at least 4 games.  The specific 4 games are hard to determine.  The Heels could lose to East Carolina, but beat Virginia, etc.  We think that Larry Fedora will take advantage of the talent and get this team to bowl eligibility.  We’ll say 6.5 is the over/under.

What do you think?  Let us know on here or on Twitter @ acconfi.

Other over/unders: Wake Forest (4.5), Virginia (4.5), Notre Dame (8.5), Miami (7.5), NC State (5.5), North Carolina (6.5)

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